Liveblog! ITDE 5/26/07

I got an early start this morning, adding another 30 minutes to the show. I figured I’d put some of Mike Tamburo’s New American Folk Hero release, “Language of the Birds, and Other Fantasies” box set on– I really enjoy being able to program a single long set for this first half-hour. I should say that while much of Tamburo’s set lives at the farthest edge of what I consider “experimental,” and thus may or may not be appropriate for the show, I have been enjoying it. I’m a bit put off by not having titles on the discs themselves, though. With something like 7 discs (and a DVDr as well) there is a high probability of getting these switched about in their respective cases. Ordinarily, I suppose I could check track times and names against the liner notes or something, but at least one of the discs is tracked oddly, with 5 songs listed and three tracks. With none of the discs claiming to have only three tracks, I’m really not sure which disc this is– thus leaving them all somewhat suspect. Perhaps a helpful Tamburo fan can assist me before I break out in a rash of OCD and start climbing the walls of Discogs!

With this in mind, forgive me if I have a track title listed incorrectly in the playlist.

cdr1b.jpgUp next is Marko Marin, with the 2005 release “Heijastu, Katoa Ja Ole Valmina,” on the Luovaja microlabel. This is a rather strange electronic disc, playful at times, kind of an odd blend between a Phillip Glass side project and the lighter side of Brian Eno’s outings with Jon Hassell. Does this cover remind you of that Nirvana picture at all?

Now I’m playing from the Testing Ground release of Pau Torres’s “Hostile,” a 2007 album that contains a sample of a dial-up modem, of all things. I thoughtlglp0837.jpg everyone had gone to cable by now, haha. But seriously, this is really interesting electroacoustic work– subtle electronic sweeps mingle with shuffling static, coughs, guitar, ringing tones, and water pumps. It’s well put-together, a bit more organic and accessible than one might initially believe.

Nihil Communication, yeah! This is the sort of stuff that makes Edgetone a great label to pay attention to– Andre Custodio’s deep talents are at serious play here, and I don’t mind running over my set time considerably to keep them going. This disc, “We Are Violent,” is like a compressed version of everything that creeps me out about Diamanda Galas’s best work, but without the volume or the howling. And that’s really saying something!

Remember last week, when I was battling that crummy Tascam CD player (160MKII) that couldn’t count time backwards? What a pain in the ass. For a pro-level device (supposedly) this is kind of a basic feature. Anyways, it’s gone now– replaced with the Sony CDP-D11, which is actually worse. When it works, I don’t mind this player much– it has a lot of decent features on it, and it reads discs quickly. But damn, it hasn’t wanted to take a disc for the past month! It just makes a whirring noise like its trying to cough. I almost feel like I should pat it on the back. How weird is that? I’m used to the musical chairs equipment we have at WDBX, but I hate having only two decks– I love having many discs available, and being able to choose among them. If I had my way, this blank rack space would have another nice Denon player stuck in it…

In my opinion, all a good pro-level player needs is the ability to play from any sort of disc, including mp3s. With mp3s, there should be a decent way to scan through folders and files, with a text display. Discs should cue quickly, and the timer needs to be able to display 4 times– total, total remain, track remain, track total. Finally, make the thing sturdy! This is pretty simple, yet manufacturers seem to constantly get it wrong.

As I mentioned on air, this DJ Goddamn stuff is what first got my attention at the Hymns label— static-filled cut-ups, filled with a love of the found tape aesthetic. This one kind of reminds me of a trashier version of one John Oswald’s Mystery Tape releases. Cool stuff, fans of radio air surveys and cut-ups unite!

Great. The transmitter is kicking itself off. How ghetto can the equipment be tonight? It sure is annoying to get up every few minutes and turn the damn thing back on!! You really have to wonder if that thing is wired correctly… This also means I have to listen to the “air” monitor all night, which is not as good of a quality as the studio signal– yes, I’m picky. Sue me.

Okay, before I go apeshit (or batshit, as my daughter prefers) here is Colorir. They’re based out of somewhere in Brazil, and have this yet-unreleased disc of strange drum/guitar experiments– a bit post-rock in parts, occasionally quite beautiful. These seem to be improv experiments, as each of the six tracks tends to begin at one place and finish at quite another… usually visiting a few odd stops along the way. I think this is also the first time I’ve ever heard blast beats outside of metal– strangely, it seems to work.

How about some Roil Noise Offensive material? First up is from the Damno Te/Android in Motion split “Transcendentalism,” whose uber-vox and laser noises won me over the first time I heard it. Great use of tremendous layering and dynamics on this disc. Now I’m playing from the Lonely Carbon disc, “Quick Release,” which is a rather strange one. The tracks vary quite a bit from one to the next, with muted underwater sounds being pushed aside by the buzz of rushing electronics, only to be replaced by howling winds fit for a Kurosawa film sequence.

I wanted to play from the 4-way split release “Seasons,” which features Ctephin, Rabbit Girls, Damno Te, and Ghoul Detail. Having 20 minutes free, I figured I’d play one of the long tracks– in this case, “A Daft Hell,” Damno Te’s barbarous take on the poignant nature of fall. For me, fall is the harbinger of winter– and while fall is surely my favorite season, I have missed it almost completely for the past few years, succumbing to my unnatural dread of winter’s arrival. Only the clearest days, jacket-wearing days, have jostled me out of this narrowly-focused reverie… and though it’s only the beginning of summer, I’m already hoping not to miss much of this fall. But hey, you can have summer– down here, it’s thick with sweat and mosquitos– utterly miserable!

How’s this for flaky? I’ve got a guy on slsk chewing me out for “not” downloading his recordings that he told me about a couple weeks ago. Nevermind that I did download them a few hours after that show, and just didn’t like them… this guy’s apparently been playing vulture, hovering over his uploads box and awaiting his big radio break. Let me tell you– this isn’t how things are done. He hit me up in chat towards the end of the show to gripe:

Dude: Well I havent seen no Daephexalso downloading nuttin from me
Me: I had downloaded it pretty much right away after you’d told me about it. I’m not lying. I like hearing new music. You must have just missed it. Sorry!
Dude: Well the downloads stay finished in the window so I couldnt miss it. But thats ok. See Ya
Me: whatever, man. it didn’t work out. try to be cool with that. maybe next time.
Dude: yeah yeah

What do you even say to this sort of thing? The only thing he could have done worse is send me the mp3s in an e-mail. I mean, seriously… I listen to enormous amounts of submissions each week. I also take a lot of time to download artists’ materials, a significant amount of which I find out about from the artists themselves. Learning more about music, and making it available for a larger audience is WHAT I DO. It really pisses me off to have someone talking shit about my level of dedication, and my hard work– I have nearly 10 years of volunteering to bring new music to listeners under my belt– and he’s getting cranky because he can’t move an mp3 or two? Sheesh! I’m reminded of a KRS-1 freestyle: “You playin’/you ain’t no battle hog/what you got?/one demo?/against my 12 year catalog?”

Mike Tamburo — Elisabeth Queen of Theta
Mike Tamburo — Chasing Snakes in Camden Woods
Mike Tamburo — I Will Never Tell You What Happened in Virginia Beach
Mike Tamburo — Variations of Lee Jackson
Marko Marin — Molemmat vanhukset Osa 1
Marko Marin — Joulukuun ensimmaiset paivat
Pau Torres — Climfon
Pau Torres — Brown Dog
Pau Torres — Banjo Insult
Nihil Communication — Sea of Ideology
Nihil Communication — A Supplication
DJ Goddamn — Never Mind the Static, This is Miami!
Colorir — Untitled, track 2
Android in Motion — Agony of the Inner Mind
Lonely Carbon — Untitled 1 (from “Quick Release”)
Lonely Carbon — Untitled 2 (from “Quick Release”)
Lonely Carbon — Untitled 3 (from “Quick Release”)
Damno Te –Fall: A Daft Hell
Mike Tamburo — Headphone Music for Bridget Bardot
Mike Tamburo — The Transmigration of Timothy Sweeney Revisited
Mike Tamburo — No More Dripping from Windsor’s Beard

Due to the transmitter problems, my live rip of this week’s broadcast was fractured and error-ridden. There is no download for this week’s “It’s Too Damn Early,” sorry. Instead, why don’t you download one of the older shows? (hereherehere…) I know you don’t have them all! –DaveX

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  1. DJ Goddamn Says:



  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    Whoops! Well, that’s the sort of thing that happens at 4:30 in the morning. Don’t blog sleepy, people!

  3. peter Says:

    hi, peter here. from colorir.
    thank for your nice words!!
    how you get our material?

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