Liveblogging! “ITDE” 5/19/07

I came in this morning to find Jim from the “JLDJ” show in the Hi-Life Room– a pretty big surprise, since nothing was being broadcast, and I’d expected to see an empty station. Whew! I didn’t recognize him right off, but luckily, we got stuff sorted out before I had the chance to aim my large metal box of CDs at him!

Anyways, this show is going to be a great one. I’m especially enthusiastic because I am covering for the show following mine (“Kids Kamp”) which means I will have an extra 1.5 hrs of show time… and with an additional half-hour’s worth from going on early (“Gamer’s Guild” didn’t go on tonight) it means I’ll have a 4.5 hour broadcast! Looks like time to bring out the long cuts!

I got this Climax Golden Twins minidisc going… which had totally confused me the first time I heard it, not realizing that the second track has an enormous fade-in from silence. I thought it might have only had one short track… but I noticed the disc was still playing. Anyhow, I figure this time, I’ll just stick something in that spot, hence the Melanie Auclair release “Decor Sonore,” in the middle of the two CGT tracks.As always, I’m digging the Mystified material. The “Strange Traffic” release is just another example of not being able to pin Park’s sounds down– a good thing, by my estimate. I decided to play Matt Weston’s “Resistance Cruisers” disc for a while, give the first couple tracks another go. This is sort of a habit of mine, re-visiting discs to see how my perception has changed. I’m hearing a bit more variation this time, and I’m definitely leaning more towards the less-percussive sections of the tracks– those horn noises are pretty nice. Still, the random rumbling isn’t doing a lot for me. For some reason, it just never seems like Weston really lets go. This might be a lot better in a live setting.

Edward Ruchalski never lets me down! I have to say, I love his use of propane tanks and homemade instruments. The First Person release “Refined Localities” is great stuff, especially for this slow time of the morning. I’ll be waking up a bit more later, but right now, I just want to take it slow for a bit. Ruchalski has a great sense of pacing… I’m following it up with the album “Rusted Breath Quiet Hands,” a droning sort of work from Craig Colorusso and Matthew Welch, available on Muud Records.

I think the LARB disc was just what I needed to ramp up out of the quiet area I had been exploring for the past couple hours… it’s a nice mix of odd, processed sounds and electronic drones. One of these days, I’m going to have to track Mike Honeycutt down and get some more of this stuff– Memphis is too close for me not to!

Yep. Definitely out of the quiet zone now. For all I know, WDBX is currently knocking down every building in a five-block radius as I play from the Hymns Records release “Skin Atonement” from Wether. Whee!

Now I’m playing Yermo. I wanted to play Rabbit Girls’ “Hard Drive” right now, but the new CD player wasn’t recognizing the disc. I had to wait to get Wether out of the one that would, so Yermo skips ahead a spot– I don’t like dead air while I change discs!

Alrighty… I got the Rabbit Girls disc working just fine now. Stupid, picky disc players! Let them have a dose of this audio nightmare before I junk them! I’m not for certain, but I think I hear a sample of that “oh yeaaaah” from Ferris Bueller in the first track. Someone remind me to ask. Truthfully, “Stress Fracture” is more my speed than the first track. It’s definitely evocative of some sort of stereo/hard drive mutant mating session; the hybrid lovemaking of Tandy wizardry and JC Penney sonics as blasted through a few screen windows and a dirty HEPA filter at high speed. As you can imagine, I’m having a blast playing this at the “end” of my show. So begins this week’s “Kids Kamp,” sure to send all the children to their corner for the rest of the day. Sorry kiddos, it had to be done.

Digital Photography by E.J.

I decided to mix “Militant Audio” with my own recording “Improv for Folded Signals,” which I recently released. This is from the “C” version of the album, which will be available for free download soon. I’m loving the play between Rabbit Girls’ terror-static, and my own drone signals… It’s a pretty good combination!

I went out on the front porch for a bit to catch some fresh air, and listened to the Big City Orchestra material from the radio there. Sounds truly different coming from such a small speaker. Keep in mind, this little radio often sits out in the rain, cold, hot summers… it’s a neglected little thing! BCO sounded great on there, though– the pulse of “Joneynomey” popping through, with those odd voices… makes for an interesting mix between the natural sounds outdoors and the little radio, that’s for sure. During the BCO stuff, I decided I hadn’t played enough Otomo Yoshihide recordings lately, and resolved to locate at least one to play this week. This selection is from number two of the four-disc set of Martin Tetreault and Otomo’s live duos. “Tok” is probably my favorite disc of the set, although they’re all amazing. These are all available on Ambiances Magnetiques.Odd. Someone just phoned. “Hey, DaveX– what’s happening?” And then hung up. Weird. In the spirit of giving, though, I’ll answer the question– Paul Dutton is up. “Mercure” is what’s playing, and yes– he IS saying “poisson” over and over. Or is he saying “poison”? Well, that’s up to you to decided, my multi-lingual listeners…

Well, Paul Dutton is as close as I’m ever going to get to a good lead-in for Robert Anbian’s avant-poetry. I like his words, but the background sounds sometimes distract me… anyone know if he has some solo albums? Still, I don’t play nearly enough vocal work on the show– and someone at Edgetone has the experimental/vocal hookup, so I figured I’d follow Anbian with a couple tracks from the Doctor Bob “Dark Times” release, which also has some stream-of-consciousness FX’ed vox. 3.4 hours into this broadcast, and I’m actually starting to feel the crunch. There’s so much I want to play, and so little time. And folks are starting to call in their requests for more run-of-the-mill music, yuck… Only 7:30 and the intolerance has begun!

I know. I know… Art Bears and Muslimgauze have no business following one another– but dammit– I wanted to hear these tracks. Sue me. Still, you have to have respect for a DJ who can blend Contrastate and Atau Tanaka so beautifully. Thank you.

I think I’ll play my theme music soon, to cap off a wonderful show. This was the perfect pick-me-up for a string of so-so shows… if you want to make it extra-special, leave a comment or send me some well-hidden cash for no reason whatsoever. –DaveX

A full download of this show is now available, in a single-track, 64kbps mp3 format– basically, the same way you’d hear it in the webstream. I do not offer this recording as a replacement for purchasing albums from the artists and labels heard on the show, but merely as another chance for busy “ITDE” listeners to catch their favorite broadcast. If you require any assistance or information about a recording I have played, please let me know!

Kim Cascone — Statistically Improbably Phrases
Climax Golden Twins — Climax Golden Twins pt.1 (the one on Testing Ground, see?)
Melanie Auclair — Sunday Driver
Melanie Auclair — Le Fil
Melanie Auclair — Les volet mous
Climax Golden Twins — Climax Golden Twins pt.2
Mystified — Rubber Cats
Mystified — Mercury Vapor
Mystified — Strange Traffic 1
Matt Weston — It’s Your Career
Matt Weston — Lonely Drive, Crowded Street
Edward Ruchalski — Refined Localities 2
Edward Ruchalski — Refined Localities 3
Craig Colorusso, Matthew Welch — Rusted Breath Quiet Hands (excerpt)
LARB (Zan Hoffman, Mike Honeycutt) — Untitled 2005 minidisc
Wether — Selective Reasoning
Wether — Silver Flood
Wether — Torrid
Wether — Anticipate the Genesis
Yermo — Yermo
Rabbit Girls — Eating Out of Boredom
Rabbit Girls — Stress Fracture
Rabbit Girls — Lost Hope Machine
Rabbit Girls — Militant Audio
Rabbit Girls — Musical Abatement
DaveX — Improv for Folded Signals
Big City Orchestra — Algae Seldom Genuflects
Big City Orchestra — Joneynomey
Martin Tetreault, Otomo Yoshihide — Nijmegen No. 4A, Live 4/25/03
Paul Dutton — Mercure
Paul Dutton — Stereo Head
Robert Anbian & the Unidentified Flying Quartet — We 3.6
Doctor Bob — They’re Coming
Doctor Bob — Opera-ation
LaMonte Young — Two Sounds
Contrastate — Invocation to the Rite of Birth
Atau Tanaka — 9m 14s over Vietnam
Art Bears — Song of Investment Capital Overseas
Muslimgauze — Refugee

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  1. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for playing mystified! Glad the bizcard got some play.

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