Commentary for “ITDE” 5/12/07

I’m a little burned out temporarily. Last week’s show wasn’t the best, so I’m going to lay off the liveblogging for this week, and just focus on the sounds. I think I’m just a bit too tired to manage any more than this sufficiently. This upcoming week looks like I’ll be playing catch-up to the many things I need to finish!

Hal McGee — Live at the Shamrock
AMM — To Hear
Harold Budd — The Room of Stairs
Harold Budd — The Room of Corners
Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet — Coming!
Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet — Hot Japanese Water
Tom Nunn — Skatchrod
Tom Nunn — Nailstrum
Tom Nunn — Cross Rods/3
Z’ev — Number Seven
Z’ev — The Hand. The Palm
Z’ev — Skin on Thigh. Thorns
Z’ev — Yellow Arrow
Gordon Monahan — Speaker Swinging
David Tudor — Dialects
Voice Crack — A Spoonful of Tea in a Barrelful of Honey
Christian Marclay — Black Stucco
Trash Ant — Biz in the W
Merzbow — White Pea Fowl
Merzbow, Russell Haswell — Satanstonade
Charles Dodge, Joan LaBarbara — The Waves
Area C — Haunt

A full download of this show is now available in a single-track, 64kbps mp3 format— basically, the same way you’d hear it in the webstream. I do not offer this recording as a replacement for purchasing albums from the artists and labels heard on the show, but merely as another chance for busy “ITDE” listeners to catch their favorite broadcast. If you require any assistance or information about a recording I have played, please let me know!

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