“Tenex” Reviewed at the Internet Archive!

Nashville musician (and proud first-edition “Tenex” owner) Tony Youngblood posted his review of this first-edition release at Naked Arrival’s Internet Archive page. In the interest of filling every corner of the net with Naked Arrival-related content, I’ve posted his interview below. Enjoy it!

Completely random photo selected by Tony Youngblood“Teleconferencing as Ocean Wave”

“A casual listener may write off Naked Arrival’s first release “Tenex” as a hodge-podge of overlapping voices, a smattering of “your call is important to us” muzak and not much else. But there is great depth here.

Tenex was created using Skype’s conference call feature. The composer DaveX called up a number of hotlines, help lines and government agencies and let the magic unfold. Some were recordings, requiring keypad entry. Others were live customer service agents. DaveX never contributed to the conversation except for the occasional random keypad entry.

What raises this release above simple cacophony is the interplay between calls. Sometimes customer service agents will try to speak to the caller. They are reacting to the sounds they hear, unknowingly contributing. In this way, they become oblivious performers.  Everything affects and plays off of everything else. Sometimes, layers and layers of voices and muzak duel, creating entirely new sounds. Near the beginning, so many voices overlap that all aural coherence breaks down; and we hear one single, never-before heard instrument. Don’t pay attention to what anyone is saying — the important thing here is the the whole, the flow, an organic wave that is sometimes a tsunami and sometimes a calm and solitary peak.”

Looks like I have my work cut out for me; I’ve got some liner notes to write for Youngblood’s kick-ass upcoming album. You’ll hear the trumpets when it comes out– but until that fully righteous day, you’ll need to make do with this free download.

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