Liveblogging! “ITDE” 5/5/07

I decided to hang out in Harsh Noise’s chat during this show– see if anyone shows up. I’m still looking for a decent place to lurk during the show, so if you have a suggestion…

I’m playing from the “Doomsday Cake” compilation from Medusa Head Records. Good stuff here, and I really dig the cover art as well. As with any good comp, I’ve been presented with a number of artists I’m excited to see listed, and a decent portion I’ve never heard of before. I don’t know much of anything about DD6, but I’ve been enjoying their/his/her (?) track– some flange-y sirens, chimes, and looping whistle sounds. Its different, and well worth the nearly ten minutes it takes up.

Speaking of taking up space– what’s with the 128 users in SLSK noise chat? They’re logged-in, but never actually chatting. What gives?

Whoops. I meant to skip this track, and go directly to Ctephin. This is some uninspired stuff, unfortunately. Oh well, I guess nobody will mind if I kill it midway. On with the Ctephin!

I really want to have a good show this week, but I just don’t see it coming together yet. I can usually tell, so I’m not looking forward to another two hours of clumsy DJ’ing… I hope I can get this together a bit better. I think I may need to really try some different material than I had planned– gotta shake myself out of whatever box it seems I’m in! Trust me, this has nothing to do with the things I’m playing, it’s purely a DaveX thing. I’m just not in full gear tonight. Ugh. Hold on, let me see if I can figure something out and get on track.

I’ve decided to get some Joan LaBarbara stuff playing– technically Morton Feldman works… but I’m here for the LaBarbara, sorry. As long-time listeners know, I’m a big fan of her work. I’m hoping that it will give me some ideas on where to take the remaining two hours of this broadcast. I don’t want to have to end up playing three long tracks and just calling it a day! Damn. I feel like I’m in a bag or something– can’t quite connect. Of course, I have to wonder how much this has to do with putting so much effort into my own art lately? Have I sort of exhausted my creativity for the moment? Or is this just an “off” night?

Maybe things are turning around a bit. I forgot how much I enjoy Morton Feldman’s work. He has such an impressive way of layering and ordering sound… I always find it very atomic, very particular. I’m sad that “Vertical Thoughts 5” has to end. This is a really enjoyable piece. I have Bernard Parmegiani queued next– “Chants Magnetiques,” very nice, but quite different, obviously. Maybe I will try to find some common ground between these two.

Common ground wasn’t found this evening. I’m just going to chalk it up to an “off” night. I did, however, get to play from Rich West’s fantastic “Heavenly Breakfast” album– this is one I’ve really been wanting to spend more time with; it is much better when you can “inhabit” that sound-space for a while.

An old friend ended up coming by the station around the time I put the Rich West material on. He’s come upon hard times, and was venting a bit– understandable, given his recent luck. For most folks, the hours of 4-6:30am aren’t exactly their peak mental hours. However, I’m pretty used to them; so when he became critical of the fact that I so rarely speak on the air, I took the opportunity to explain my reasoning for this. I surprised myself a little, realizing how much I’ve grown to learn about my show over the years. What started as me just struggling to bring in enough music from week to week has become a much more thoughtful enterprise than I might have imagined in those days. It gives me hope for the future of my broadcasts, despite the relatively poor quality of this individual episode.

As I often say, don’t allow my temporary shortcomings as a DJ affect your perception of the music I played– it’s great stuff, and my tastes haven’t suffered any, either– and I’ll do better next week. I hope to hear from you then. –DaveX

Kylie Mynoise — Hot Teens Hooked on Cosmetic Surgery
Kylie Mynoise — Torn By Jaws and Claws
Kylie Mynoise — Fear Swept the Poolsides
Izanami’s Labor Pains — Amateratsu and Her Slaves
DD6 — El Futuro
The Absence of Sound Before the Storm — We’re All Unhappy (excerpt)
Ctephin — Demiurge
Morton Feldman, Joan LaBarbara — Only
Morton Feldman, Roy Malan, Ralph Grierson, Joan LaBarbara — Voice, Violin, and Piano
Morton Feldman, SF Contemporary Music Players, Joan LaBarbara – Vertical Thoughts 5
Bernard Parmegiani — Vibrations
Bernard Parmegiani — Aquarhythm
Bernard Parmegiani — Entropie
Bernard Parmegiani — Ondes
Pete Stollery — Vox Magna
Pete Stollery — ABZ A
Rich West — Bloomsday
Rich West — A Performer’s Objective is to Put Everyone to Sleep
Rich West — You Never Want to Tell People You’re a Scent
Rich West — La Petomaine
Rich West — Detritus or Treasures
Judy Dunaway, Tom Chiu — Etude no. 1 for Balloon and Violin

A full download of this show is now available in a single-track, 64kbps mp3 format— basically, the same way you’d hear it in the webstream. I do not offer this recording as a replacement for purchasing albums from the artists and labels heard on the show, but merely as another chance for busy “ITDE” listeners to catch their favorite broadcast. If you require any assistance or information about a recording I have played, please let me know!

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