“Improv for Folded Signals”

I am incredibly happy– I am finished with Naked Arrival’s second release, “Improv for Folded Signals.”

nrrlogob.jpg It is available now in, in a limited run of three. Each are somewhat different, so here’s the setup:

Essentially, this is an improvisation I did at WDBX-FM, utilizing a program that allowed me to bring multiple instances (I used as many as five) of the station’s streaming signal, and route them BACK into the program itself. Naturally, this created a rather thick drone. I used multiple cassettes to capture the board signal, as well as two “in-studio” recordings, which were mixed together to create a super-mix. On this mix, there are as many as 15 instances of the original signal.

Now for the release. I went all out on these, and I won’t deny that I am having a super-huge regret even letting them go. I think they’re tremendously cool, and I’d love to own something like this myself. I’ve been fawning over them like some sort of freak, so please take them off my hands.

There are three copies: nrr02 A, B, and C:

“A” is the most amazing of the bunch: Two CDs, spray-painted. The first contains the only physical copy I will issue of the “super-mix”, coming in at just over 26 minutes. The second disc is the “Air Mix,” a fantastic-sounding recording made direct from the board. This is exactly what listeners heard over the airwaves. This second disc also contains the audio from both microcassette recordings, which are “in-studio” recordings from different placements in the studio itself. One is somewhat near the monitors, the other is farther back– both emphasize strikingly different aspects of the sound, along with their own unique “flavor” imparted by the microcassette recorder itself. Total running time for the second disc is just past 75 minutes.

“A” also comes with all three original cassettes, distressed and hand-painted. The full-size cassette features a “hidden track.” The CDs are housed in a hardcover booklet with X-ray film cover art, inserts, and a set of X-ray liner notes. The cassettes are in cassette cases, also with X-ray inserts. It’s a really amazing set, very beautiful. I’m sure my pictures will not convey how super-cool it is– seriously– have you ever tried to photograph an X-ray?

“B” is one CD, spray-painted, in a transparent slimline jewelcase, with X-ray insert and X-ray liner notes. The CD features the “Air Mix,” and the first microcassette audio track. This release does not come with any physical cassettes. Still, it looks very nice, and the “Air Mix” is really incredible– you should hear the low end! The two tracks total approximately 52 minutes.

“C” is similar to “B” in all manners, except that it features the second microcassette audio track, as well as the “Air Mix”. Again, the two tracks total approximately 52 minutes.

As always, following delivery of each release, I will make the full recordings, liner notes, and photographs freely available for download online at Naked Arrival’s netlabel page.

Contact me for any other information. Thanks!

2 Responses to ““Improv for Folded Signals””

  1. howsthatsound Says:

    pictures! pictures!

  2. howsthatsound Says:

    thanks dave. that looks really cool!

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