Naked Arrival, the Internet Archive, and FTP

Well, I did it! The first release of my new micro-label “Naked Arrival” officially sold out, and has been delivered as earlier this evening. As promised, I made “Tenex” available free online– so you’ll want to go download it straight away.

Let me tell you, working on Naked Arrival has been a lot of fun so far. Well, except dealing with the Internet Archive. That thing is amazingly complex… almost needlessly so! For those of you who haven’t attempted to manage content on the Archive, let me just say that it is a labyrinthine, dauntingly arcane process suitable for sending my inner dyslexic directly into the fetal position.

Still, it’s an amazing resource, which surely requires a serious level of intricacy to maintain any sense of organization. I simultaneously pity and envy the administrators– keeping ahead of a growing wave of data is tough– but being able to access and order all that data!I have shivers, seriously. This would even beat running around an office supply store at midnight with a label gun, a gift card, and someone to push me in a fancy swivel chair.

Anyhow, it’s an interesting process which yielded a few surprises. First off, I was worried about the huge variety of file types I generally see on netlabel pages: ogg, 64kbps mp3s, flac, etc… I really didn’t want to have to create all these myself. It’s just too much of a pain, and I think they tend to crowd the release pages with formats I’m rarely interested in. To my delight, I found that the Archive creates these “derivative” formats on its own, and that I could turn them off. Problem solved!

The other surprising thing was finding out that the folks at the Archive encourage you to use Internet Explorer rather than something like Firefox when uploading files with FTP. Does anyone know why this is?

I also had to create a main page for Naked Arrival itself. Here’s what I came up with– my best attempt so far at describing Naked Arrival’s purpose and aesthetic:

Naked Arrival is a micro-label, dedicated to releasing experimental recordings which document the under-explored area between natural sounds and full musical works. Releases are available in an extremely limited-run physical format, often as a single edition. Following delivery, each release will be made available for download.

Sound alright? I hope so. Thanks for continuing to read this entry– you’re very polite. Please continue your kind streak, and go download “Tenex” now. Enjoy! –DaveX

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