Commentary for ” ITDE” 4/28/07

Due to having some guests over to the Hi-Life Room, (a story you will really enjoy reading) I did not liveblog the show this week. Also, because of technical problems, I was unable to make a complete recording of this week’s show– I apologize for this!

However, I did record this week’s fantastic improvisational section, which I will tell you about:

Around 5 a.m., I started the improvisation portion of the show, utilizing the Simultaneous Translator. I let the airwaves go silent, and allowed the mutiple streams enough time to become silent as well. Then I slowly built up a massive wall of drone. The Simultaneous Translator worked wonderfully! I was able to bring in 4 instances of WDBX’s netcast, each of which now had it’s own independent volume and effects. With three CD players and a cassette deck, I was able to make quite a thick sound.

I recorded everything to cassette, direct from the board. I also let three microcassette recorders capture the sound as I heard it live in the Hi-Life Room. My intention is to combine these recordings with the direct recording to create a master mix. Exactly how things will be combined is still a bit up in the air, but you’ll have a chance to hear it soon. I am extremely pleased with the results– I am really blown away with how terrific it sounds.

Here is the playlist for the show. Because of the layered nature of the drone improv, I am not certain of the order of materials used during this section.

Satoru Wono — Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise: Sonata
Satoru Wono — Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise: Scherzo
Satoru Wono — Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise: Adagio
Satoru Wono — Sonata for Sine Wave and White Noise: Divertimento
Jeff Rehnlund — 160 India St.
Jeff Rehnlund — Green Piano
Jeff Rehnlund — Mera
Jeff Rehnlund — Valado
Jeff Rehnlund — Madhatter
Jeff Rehnlund — Schmid
Jeff Rehnlund — Raleigh
Big City Orchestra — Advise Pilot of Fire
Big City Orchestra — Seconds Too Late
Big City Orchestra — Remain in Orb
Big City Orchestra — Expect Nothing
Big City Orchestra — Reduce Number
———–IMPROV w/ Simultaneous Translator———–
Grkzgl — Untlat (excerpt)
DaveX — Improvisation With Audience
DaveX — Improvisation With Pearlcorder
Leo — Cute Drops
Phil Hargreaves & Glenn Weyant — Do Not Sing (excerpt)
Scott Smallwood — Renulife (excerpt)
Rubbish — Rubbish for Neighbors (excerpt)
Matt Rogalsky
— Resonate (Tones) (excerpt)
Trash Ant — Untitled Pink Tape (excerpt)
The Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick — Nola EKG (excerpt)
DaveX — Pre Mandala
DaveX — Untitled for Dog Training Device
Karlheinz Stockhausen — Mantra (excerpt)
Dan Joseph Ensemble — Percussion and Strings
Dan Joseph Ensemble — Archaea Quartet
Dan Joseph Ensemble — Lotus Quintet

One Response to “Commentary for ” ITDE” 4/28/07”

  1. trash ant Says:

    sounded good in the van….whos speakers are blown. ha still sounded gnarly

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