WDBX Membership Drive Starts!

I thought I’d let you all know that the WDBX Spring Membership Drive starts (as always) with my broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early,” this coming Saturday morning April 21st, and continues through until May 4th.

I’d enjoy if you’d all give me a call at 618-457-3691 and become a member of WDBX– student memberships are $10, or you can give this gift to your entire family for $25. Truthfully, any amount is helpful, and we appreciate whatever you can give.

WDBX’s goal for the Spring Membership drive is $10,000– which provides a significant amount of our operating budget for the year. My personal show goal has been set at $50, which I’d be happy to surpass with your help. Let’s let ’em know that experimental music is loved as much as jam bands, folk, and smooth jazz!

For those of you who don’t care to hear the sultry sound of my voice, there is an online donation page available at the WDBX website. Otherwise, I expect to hear from you later! –DaveX

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