Sloppy Seconds Italian Disco Takeover Conspiracy!

Now here’s something I wouldn’t have expected– a group takeover of the Sloppy Seconds compilation. In case you’re unfamiliar, Sloppy Seconds is the in-the-works comp from Obscurica Records constructed with individual one-second submissions– 4800 separate submissions, with a track marker every minute yields a single 80-minute disc!

I think it’s a great idea, and submitted my own track a while back. But today, courtesy of my blog’s referral list, I saw that some folks over at the “Speedcore Worldwide Movement” forum are hoping to send at least 60 separate submissions of a common tempo in as a group– collectively constructing some sort of one-minute song.Says forum member Rotello:

It would be GREAT if 60 of us make a 1 sec long track at 180/ 240 /300 /360 bpm. ( lets find two suitable speed,that is in sync and pumping enough) if we can keep that tempo the track will have a rigorous tempo, and track will have an internal consistency. i think 60/ 120 /240 / 480 /960/ 1920

While I sort of admire Rotello for thinking outside the box, I’m a bit disappointed someone wants to game the system, especially the bit about it being “pumping enough.” Ugh. Part of what will make the Sloppy Seconds comp interesting is the emerging structure, rather than anything being forced. It’s also clear that some of the other forum members just don’t get the basic idea either. Forum member Dismelt said:

I think more than 1 sec would be better. Maybe 3 secs each = 3 minute track?”

Site admin Frazzbass adds:

5 or 10 second each”

Shit. Why don’t you all just make speedcore albums and see if Obscurica will release them for you? Rotello goes on to do his best keeping these speedcore lawn jockeys in line, reminding them that it’s not his compilation, and reiterating his original group concept:

“my idea is to take “control” of one of that 60 sec track and make a full core track. if we use same tempo it’s not gonna be THAT difficult.”

I’m not holding my breath that these guys will be able to pull it off anyway, but if they do, I don’t think the results are going to be all that great. Forum member DeadlyAngel sums up the worst of my suburban fears with his statement:

dont forget to add a huge distortion to the final mix of the track! i think its perfect for virtual music, not for a “real” cd.”


4 Responses to “Sloppy Seconds Italian Disco Takeover Conspiracy!”

  1. Livette Says:

    Nice blog!

  2. Obscurica Records Says:

    Bring it on, speedcore fuckers!

  3. Damno Te Says:

    Can’t wait to see this released!

  4. startlingmoniker Says:

    Ten referrals from the lawn jockeys later– uh-oh, they found me!

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