Coolest Music Blog Ever! (or right now, anyway)

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with music. I always love finding new things. I first heard Afrobeat-style music about ten years ago when I caught Fela Kuti’s “Colonial Mentality” on my local community radio station, WDBX-FM.  I was hooked on Fela almost immediately, and quickly learned about afrobeat, highlife, soca, etc– when I do my radio shows, I refer to master control as the “Hi-Life Room,” my nod to this beautiful, vibrant music.

Of course, this isn’t easy music to stumble across in Southern Illinois! That’s why I was so very happy to find the “Awesome Tapes From Africa” blog, which kills that awful sinking feeling music fans get when they know full well they can’t find the “real” music from a place or culture. Until I can get down to a street vendor in Ghana and pick up a handful of tapes, this is going to be the next best thing for me. Check it out!

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