Liveblogging “ITDE” 4/14/07

I’ve started the show early again– not only was nobody here when I arrived, but the transmitter had been left on! Even though that saved me a little time getting set up, it would have been nice of the previous DJ to save WDBX some cash by turning it off.

As listeners know full well by now, I’m a big fan of electroacoustic music. This Michel Chion work, “TU” is simply fantastic, I’ve been listening to it quite a bit since I found it online through Brocoli, a French label which appears to offer a variety of styles of music. They have a “split-the-difference” approach to filesharing– you can hear complete releases free in a somewhat lower mp3 quality, or purchase them as CDs. It’s interesting to see how different labels are approaching and dealing with filesharing. Obviously, Brocoli is sympathetic (and realistic!) about it, even referencing Soulseek at their site. Update: Speaking of Souleek, I usually keep an open chat window in slsk’s “noise” room, should anyone wish to drop by during the show. That’s how I met Ruby, who manages the netlabel Takkeherrie Recordings. For more information about how chat can work for YOUR business, send $12 to me each week for the next 35 years. The secret will be revealed!

Outside WDBX, Carbondale IL - Original photography by DaveX

Top of the hour approaches… time to shift gears!Well, it looks like I’m keeping the French listeners happy today! Now I’m playing Marie-Soleil Belanger and Normand Guilbeault’s “Les Salines,” from Ambiances Magnetiques. I am loving this album, which is wonderful, because I didn’t think I’d like it at all! I mean… it’s about salt, right? Luckily, I had recently read a book about salt and found it tremendously interesting– I was quite curious to see if some of the things I had learned would play out in the music. I’m not sure they do, but it certainly gives me a deeper appreciation for what Belanger and Guilbeault are creating.

How about some organ? That was Daniel Thompson, whose Microtonal Composer blog is listed in my blogroll. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bach organ works lately, and thought– hey, I’d like to hear some more organ right now! Thompson has a lot of fascinating ideas about music, our perception of music in relation to scales and intervals, and frankly– quite a few ideas that go over my head. It’s lovely to “meet” someone able to converse technically on the subject of microtonal composition, but also able to whip out an example for the less notationally-inclined in the readership.

Well, I’m really embarassed today! It would be nice to be able to pronounce French words correctly, but they are so rarely pronounced how I think! Rather than butcher them completely, I’m just directing people to this site– I know, it’s terribly lame. I’m playing Augusti Martinez now, from the Etude Records release “Are Spirits What I Hear?”. Etude Records seem like a really good label, I’m impressed with the quality of their releases so far.

The Martinez material got me thinking about Jack Wright— this inexplicable blowing is both compelling and mysterious to me. This is a nice live excerpt, courtesy of Jack Wright himself. I really like the shape of the bass on this recording– it seems to dance just outside where I’m expecting it, and gives everything a bit of tension. While I’m in an improv mood, I think I’ll get some Mike Khoury stuff ready… how about “Detroit Improvisation 7”? Sounds good to me! This features Khoury; saxophonist Brian Mackie; and percussionist Michael Welch. I know listeners love to hear me yak (ha ha) but I’m all about the long cuts this morning!

Oh! I know just the thing to play after Michael Welch’s four-stick drum attack– four more sticks! This time, however, it’s Ettrick and Tralphaz, playing together as Elf Ass. Ettrick is going to be in Nashville for my birthday, I wish I had money to get there!! If any of my Nashville friends are reading this, they should get over to Ruby Green for the show and get me some merch, yay.

I know I mentioned my upcoming birthday previously, but as it is much closer now, I’ll bring it up again. I’m having one! I’ll be older than I am now, and you may send me gifts to commemorate this fact. It’s fun, trust me.

Speaking of fun, how about I play Chef Menteur’s “We Await Silent Tristero’s Empire,” from Backporch Revolution Records? I knew you’d agree!

Whew! Wether just about kicked me out of my chair! That is one HOT minidisc!! I don’t know much about Wether right now, they’re difficult to Google for obvious reasons… I’m going to have to do some more research. Between this mini “Skin Atonement,” on Hymns; and their contribution to the Rococo Records 12″ I heard, I’m really enjoying their work. While I’m playing minis, I decided to play “In Praise of Forgotten Gods,” a double-mini release from Rubbish and Circle Six on Roil Noise. Both artists sent me a copy of this, so I think I may mess around with playing both Rubbish sides at once, just for kicks. Next week is pledge time for WDBX– send me a decent pledge for the station, and I just might kick in my extra copy for you!

Update: This broadcast is now available as a single 64kbps mp3 file. As always, I urge you not to think of this recording as a way around purchasing experimental music from the artists and labels involved, but simply as an introduction or an educational opportunity. If you need any assistance contacting an artist or label you hear on any of my broadcasts, do not hesitate to let me know!

Michel Chion — Il etait une fois
Michel Chion — Vois tu ce poignard?
Michel Chion — Son manteau traînait comme un soleil couchant
Michel Chion — En quel pays sommes-nous
Michel Chion — Mon mal meurt
Michel Chion — Devant le temple
Michel Chion — Es-tu prêt à tenir ta langue
Michel Chion — Veilleuse
Michel Chion — …
Michel Chion — Ah, la voici cette beauté si farouche!
Michel Chion — Chant dans la nuit
Michel Chion — Pa…pa…papagena!
Marie-Soleil Belanger, Normand Guilbeault — Les salines
Marie-Soleil Belanger, Normand Guilbeault — Gouttes d’eau dans la mer
Marie-Soleil Belanger, Normand Guilbeault — Le sueur du paludier
Marie-Soleil Belanger, Normand Guilbeault — Ruisseliement
Daniel Thompson — 26 edo Organ Study 1
Nole Plastique — Remuer Rayonne
Augusti Martinez — Serie B (for Scelsi)
Augusti Martinez — For Pau
Augusti Martinez — Tic
Reuben Radding, Andrew Drury, Jack Wright — Untitled, 2005
Mike Khoury, Brian Mackie, Michael Welch — Untitled Improvisation 3
Elf Ass (Ettrick, Tralphaz) — Live, 2/25/07 San Francisco
Chef Menteur — Pointu
Chef Menteur — Paysans de la Mer
Chef Menteur — Matiasma
Chef Menteur — W.A.S.T.E.
Wether — Selective Reasoning
Wether — Silver Flood
Wether — Torrid
Rubbish/Circle Six — In Praise of Forgotten Gods (Rubbish disc x TWO)

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