Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/7/07

Update: This broadcast is now available for download. See the end of this entry for the link.

This is one of those times I wish people would send me a track listing. It’s going to be difficult to say much about some cool tracks when I’m reduced to calling them all “Untitled” from the album “Untitled”… *sigh* Anyhow, this Hermeneutech stuff is pretty good. It’s just… wrong in some way that I like. I’m digging some of the sampled drum sounds– they are “sticky” sounding. If you’re listening, I’m sure you hear what I mean.

Speaking of wrong, now I’m playing a Big City Orchestra disc, but of course, I’m not even sure which one it is! I’m guessing it is titled “Is Dead Long Live,” but who knows! (BCO member Das clears it up in the comments. It is titled “Dada is Dead, Long Live Dada”…) It’s credited to all the right people, but this is the most demented misspelling of the BCO name yet– “Brr Itchy Ork.” If I ever want to find an impossible task to labor on, I’ll attempt to make a complete BCO discography. Anyway, this is my favorite of theirs so far. It’s got a lot of real weirdness going on; speedy loops, vinyl popping, wacky string noises, electronics, etc. A fun listen!

It’s time to announce the show proper here in a minute… gotta get the next recording queued up as well.Okay.. I’ve got the John Morton “Solo Traveler” disc rolling now. Good stuff! Innova always has such unique and challenging works available through their label, and this Morton recording is not out of place among them. I’ve had a soft spot for music boxes ever since tinkering around with one of the disc-based ones where you can change the song. I envisioned myself filing away bumps on the disc to create altered compositions, but really lacked the ability to purchase the player at the time. It’s nice to hear someone actively realizing this idea, as well as so many others.

While this is playing, I want to write a little bit about WDBX’s upcoming pledge drive. It will be starting on April 21st, and kicking off with my show. My show’s personal goal is only $50, so I’m hoping you’ll help me reach it. During the pledge drive, just give a call in to 618-457-3691, and tell someone (maybe even me!) that you’re pledging for “It’s Too Damn Early.” I keep my show regardless of if I meet this goal, but it helps the station stay on the air– and the goal of $10,000 isn’t too high when you consider that WFMU was recently asking for $900,000 during their fundraiser!

Are you enjoying the Robert Normandeau material as much as I am? I hope so! This recording has a great vibrancy to it, reminds me of Raphael Neron‘s “Toons,” one of the placing works in the 2006 Jeu de Temps/Times Play contest hosted by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. I wish I had that with me now! Maybe I can stream it off their site… we’ll see!

Even better– I downloaded it from the Sonus website, an invaluable resource. If you’re interested in electroacoustic compositions, you should check it out. While I was getting the Neron composition, I also grabbed one from Jay Needham, a local professor and media artist. In one of my more respectable moments, I was invited to be a guest in his new media/radio art course one time– I got to speak before the class, it was a lot of fun. I really envy his opportunity to so directly influence growing artists (and run-of-the-mill students) concepts of sound art and media. That’s got to be a cool job!

Darn. I went to grab a coke from the machine… ended up with Sprite. These are the sacrifices I make to bring you great radio! Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it, my birthday is coming up towards the end of April– I always make random, passionate calls for extravagant gifts during this time of the year. Luckily, you still have time to find me something incredible and/or large.

“Blacktop” had a great flow to it, didn’t it? I was intending to play from Ctephin’s “Sphinx” following that, but I realized I’d need a bit more breathing room between the two. Not that Rich West’s “Heavenly Breakfast” is light material– but it is a bit more open. The moonlit-travels of “Blacktop” (which perfectly conjure that dreamy sense of movement I always associate with nighttime driving) wouldn’t have fit so well with “Sphinx,” which recalls an entirely different sort of night…

So now you’re listening to Ctephin’s “To Know,” hopefully. Sometimes I wonder how much of what you’re hearing is what I’m hearing. For instance, this gets me thinking about the weight of a desert night– the blind lawlessness of nature, the time dilation that occurs in the few hours prior to dawn, even the lifting of the grasping mental fog upon first light. Are you hearing this too?

Back to the BCO. This track, “Extend Collapse,” works really well with the Ctephin “To Know,” so even though its running me past the time to air underwriting, I’m going to let it play. Although I have no problem playing the underwriting (they DO support the station, you know!) my sympathy ultimately lies with the needs of the music and the show itself– so if something has to run a little long, that’s okay with me.This is a really hypnotic BCO track. I’m having a difficult time keeping awake. It’s definitely too damn early today– I need some rest! If any of you are curious, I generally get about two or three hours prior to the show, crash for an hour or so afterward… and then move on with my day. The liveblogging is actually a reaction to this– it allows me to have my playlist and commentary mostly done (sans links, that is) by the time I get home. It’s also interesting to have another outlet for understanding and exploring music as I broadcast.

In the hopes of waking myself up a bit, it’s time to play from“Transcendentalism,” a split release from Damno Te and Android in Motion. Yep– seems to be working! I’m going to see if I can squeeze in some COMA from “Ornamental Urban Shrubbery” before the end of the show. Be sure to check back here later for the complete download of this broadcast. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show; don’t forget to leave a comment or two! –DaveX

Update: This broadcast is available as a single 64kbps mp3 download. Due to some technical problems, this recording begins within the Big City Orchestra “Remain in Orb” track.  A few moments of the following radio program “Kids Kamp,” are also present at the end of the file. As always, I hope that you will treat this recording as an opportunity for education and enjoyment, rather than as a means to circumvent supporting experimental artists and labels. If you require assistance locating a recording for purchase, feel free to contact me at any time.

Hermeneutech — Untitled 2
Hermeneutech — Untitled 3
Hermeneutech — Untitled 7
Big City Orchestra — Advise Pilot of Fire
Big City Orchestra — Seconds Too Late
Big City Orchestra — Remain In Orb
Big City Orchestra — Exspect Nothing
John Morton — Amazing Grace Variations
Robert Normandeau — Puzzle
Robert Normandeau — Eden
Raphael Neron — Toons
Jay Needham — Blacktop
Rich West — A Performer’s Objective Is To Put Everyone To Sleep
Rich West — Detritus or Treasures
Ctephin — Sphinx
Big City Orchestra — Extend Collapse
Android in Motion — Western Intellectualism Bars Us From the Eight-Fold Path
COMA — Fire-eating Duelist

2 Responses to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 4/7/07”

  1. das Says:

    the bco cd is titled dada is dead, long live dada.
    not to worry, noone else has gotten it correct either

  2. HermeneutecH Says:

    For the record, none of our drum sounds are sampled. They are all generated through analog synthesis, which perhaps accounts for their “stickiness” (love the word).

    And should you reference the disc via computer, you will find titles. We are genuinely happy, however, to find that you’re playing music from the proper format, not just ripping files and playing from a laptop. In the future, we promise to print out a track last.

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