Liveblogging “ITDE” 3/31/07

Update: The full show download is available at the end of this entry!

I’m three tracks into this broadcast of “It’s Too Damn Early” already– sorry about that! I’ve been busy trying to get a few things set up, as I’m expecting the arrival of musical guests tonight! P.D. Wilder, and “Hotel, Hotel” bandmate Misco are supposed to join me sometime around 4 a.m., so I’ve had to go digging through the WDBX engineering room for cables, mics, etc.

And oh yeah, get the show going! I also felt compelled to get myself a Coke, haha.

I already played Darren Copeland, from the album “Perdu et Retrouve,” which I love; I am now playing from Knurl’s Harsh Noise release “Acidamide,” which I mispronounced for some reason. This is one of my favorite Knurl albums; it has a very spacious sound which I appreciate. I also believe this particular album has most retained the metallic qualities in the final sound that Alan Bloor is sourcing from his sculptures, at least among the albums I’ve had the opportunity to hear so far.

PD Wilder, AKA Chaos ~ Live at WDBX-FM, photography by DaveX

I’m really enjoying the Android in Motion material– especially that first track, the mix is really good, nice low bass that doesn’t wash out other material. Overall, “The Final Temptations” has a very unique dynamic among noise releases, with sounds where I’m not expecting them. It’s surprising in a very good way.Right now, I’m playing from the Ironing/Gaybomb split, on the Ironing side “Your Oxen Have Drowned.” Of course, it has a lot of speed manipulation on it, which had me checking the speed control on the turntable– but I know enough about Ironing to not have worried overmuch. Besides, it’s a 1200. It’s going to outlast every piece of equipment in this room, including me.

No sign of my guests just yet. I’ve been trying to set up a small tape recorder to get a board mix of the show tonight, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to accomplish this (at least in stereo) at the moment. I guess I’m going to have to be happy with recording the stream as usual. I used to be able to record shows to cassette easily, but someone broke the cassette deck, so this is no longer an option. Maybe I’ll remove it, and set mine in its place for tonight! Hmmm…

It worked, hooray! Now I’ll be able to get a nice board mix alongside my ordinary streamrip recording of the show. As for the recordings I’ve been playing… well, I decided to stick with Ironing’s Hymns Records label for a while, and play from the Andrew Chadwick release “The Acquisition of Language,” which is the sort of thing I really enjoy, a strange idea married to a talent for carrying said idea to extremes. Obsessive action is always rewarded on my show.

Pat P., AKA Misko ~ Live at WDBX-FM, photography by DaveX

Still no sign of musical guests. I imagine this awful weather we’re having is slowing them down considerably. If things don’t work out, I hope you are all not terribly disappointed. It’s only 4:41, though, so there’s still a lot of time. This Chadwick track “German Consonants” is all over the place in terms of levels. I think Chadwick “just” realized the recording level was too low, eek. I hadn’t noticed this before, but now its kind of bugging me. That first track buried the needles in the red! Oh well, I can ride a fader with the best of them.update: Andrew writes– “…The volume increase was actually intentional for the “German Consonants” track. I wasn’t thinking about radio play at all.” Fair enough!

Oh! I just noticed… another “ITDE” liveblog enthusiast! Check out his blog, “Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report.” You’ll have to google it for now– I’m too busy to find links at the moment. I’m playing— ah. There’s the door. Guests have arrived!

More in a moment.

Well, it looks like they’re going to play. They’ve got a bit of stuff to set up, so expect some live music around 5:30-ish.. After this Alio Die record finishes, I’m going to play from an unreleased PD Wilder disc, The Slowness That Produced Such Structures in the Background.”

I’m trying to keep this liveblog up, but there’s a lot of setting up to do at the moment. Give me a little bit of time– we should all be good to go soon. Getting levels now. Well, there are a couple problems with an amp– a portion of the spring reverb touching one of the tubes, giving off crazy noises. I think its worked out now… looking good for liftoff, haha.

Update: The show went great. Following the live set, I played “Solo Traveler,” a track from the Innova release of John Morton’s disc of the same name. I’ll be playing more from this disc next week, as well as finally getting around to some Ghoul Detail I’ve been wanting to play. Most likely, another few electroacoustic works will be broadcast as well. The complete “ITDE” broadcast recording for 3/31/07 will be available for download here by Monday  Tuesday morning– I apologize for the delay, but spring-cleaning duties call.

Okay, here it is– the full download of this broadcast, as a single 64kbps mp3 file. As always, I encourage you to seek out the recordings heard on this broadcast from the actual labels and artists. If you need help locating or identifying any of these materials, contact me for assistance. Thanks!

Darren Copeland — They’re Trying to Save Themselves
Darren Copeland — Faith Annihia
Knurl — Oculation
Knurl — Talopia
Android in Motion — Unearth
Android in Motion — Polarity Shift
Ironing — Your Oxen Have Drowned
Andrew Chadwick — German Vowels
Andrew Chadwick — German Consonants
Andrew Chadwick — German Dipthongs
My Cat Is An Alien — There’s a Flame… Sometimes
P.D. Wilder — The Slowness That Produced Such Structures in the Background
Chaos (P.D Wilder) & Misko (Patrick P.) — LIVE in the Hi-Life Room, WDBX
John Morton — Solo Traveler

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