Comicbook Flyers

Following a nice comment about my flyer art yesterday, I decided to finally get around to scanning a few more of my “It’s Too Damn Early” promotional flyers. These three are all obviously constructed from cut-out comic panels– two from Archie digests, one from a cheap Marvel reprint of “The Mighty Thor” that I picked up in a dollar store.

I know it’s totally not cool, but I love Archie comics, and I don’t mind admitting it. I have a very difficult time explaining why, but they’re fun to read, and always seem to be available in big stacks at my local library’s book sales. I love how Archie comics have no canon whatsoever– I continually enjoy how Riverdale has no end of giant museums, ski resorts, oceans, etc whenever it is convenient.

Anyhow, here are the two Archie comic flyers. As I read through a large stack of Archies, Veronicas, Jugheads, Double Digests, etc, I would put little bookmarks in where I saw especially strange or music-related panels. I used these (out of order, of course!) to construct the two flyers seen here. As an added joke, I posted small “explanatory” text next to each flyer:

“In 1961, M. Silberkleit was commissioned by DaveX to create two lithographic advertisements regarding the experimentally-themed radio show “It’s Too Damn Early.” Drawing deeply from his part use of dramatic realism, the starkly-rendered lithos were a crude slap in the face to the cartoony, slapdash approach to radio marketing common at the time.”

Here’s the first and second comic flyers. You will need to click to view them at full size.


I really enjoyed doing the Archie flyers, so I kept the idea in the back of my head for a while. As I’m not a big comic book reader, I didn’t have much opportunity to cut up comics, though. A few months later, I found a nice reprint of some vintage comics in a dollar store. After one of my “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcasts, which found me receiving one irate phone call after another, I created this final comic flyer. The line “I’ll still be drunk!” is actually taken verbatim from one of the callers. I have since updated some of the info on the flyer to include both the STARTLING MONIKER and ITDE website addresses.

You will definitely need to view this image at full size to read it.

6 Responses to “Comicbook Flyers”

  1. BobC Says:

    I like the “here’s another tune you won’t appreciate!” followed by “watch me annihilate him with pure sound!”
    Apt and LOL.

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  3. Justin Says:

    Haha, these are really funny. I did something similar, and really funny, posted to DeviantArt, but the Archie Police came and took them down. Now they’re lost forever :(

  4. startlingmoniker Says:

    I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday, but now I wish I had thought to bring it. My daughter made a Jughead-style crown for John Cage (see: ) using some pink paper and a row of colorful pushpins… really spices up the flyer, and gives it an unexpected Archie vibe!

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