Whoops! Forgot one…

I meant to add this to my flyer post earlier… but forgot all about it. The following flyer was taken from a cheap paperback “movie” book– “The Bastard,” to be precise. I never saw the movie, but it looks to be a cheesy costume drama of some sort. Seeing the book at a yard sale, I knew it would make for a fun flyer. Unfortunately, at least one member of my radio station didn’t think it was so much fun– and complained about what she perceived as misogynistic language “promoting rape”. I didn’t think her complaint made a whole lot of sense, but I figured I’d change the flyer at my earliest opportunity anyway… to THIS!

As a bit of background, the “Labkids” hosted a lounge radio show at WDBX at the time I made the flyer. As a talented design collective, Labkids flyers were often far more advanced than my own– glossy paper, unusual sizes, nice fonts, etc– so I’d reference them in my own art as a good-natured joke. “Cornelius” was one of the silly names used for a character who would open their broadcasts, and appeared on their promo spot. With his exaggerated English accent, I knew he was the perfect material to send up with stills from “The Bastard.”

Click to view full size, and be careful to follow my red arrows!

4 Responses to “Whoops! Forgot one…”

  1. darby Says:

    cheers! i miss you.

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