Look over there! >>>>>>>>>>>

That’s it… just under the heading “Pages” you will now notice a new STARTLING MONIKER feature: “DaveX’s Favorite Posts.”

I have collected some of my non-review music and sound entries; now you won’t have to scroll back through months of reviews to get to them. Take a little bit of time now and read a couple you missed!

One Response to “Look over there! >>>>>>>>>>>”

  1. Jason Shepherd Says:

    Hey, Dave! It’s Jason. As promised, a link to my new blog, for documenting my Europe trip:


    Nice spot you’ve got here, by the way. I’ll have to poke around a bit and by mystified by vast quantities of music I’ve never heard of (and man, do I ever need to introduce you my friend George, who also has much musical hoo-doo mojo to fling about).

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