Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/24/07

Let’s try something new… Live commentary for this show. Why not? To begin with, I should mention that I didn’t have this idea until I started playing the Circle Six recordings from “Struk’Tur Sets,” so its not completely live. Will you mind?

Alrighty… I reviewed the “Proud To Swim Home” compilation from Back Porch Revolution yesterday, so there isn’t a lot more I can say about these first four tracks in the playlist. Obviously, they’re my favorites on the disc so far, though I am very much drawn to the Liteworks tracks as well– I might even play these later on in the show. This is the power of liveblogging, eh? You get to check me against myself.For the next set, and starting the show proper, was Grey Park’s “Gradient Descent of My Collective Mind,” which I also reviewed in the last few days. It’s a hell of an album. I always enjoy playing something like this (especially the last track “Heliosis”) and wondering what the average listener guesses is occurring at the station. Bandits? Dead host? If I could get anyone to operate a phone at this time of day, I could take a poll.

Circle Six was next up, from the album “Struk’Tur Sets,” which I blended with the last couple minutes of the Grey Park “Heliosis” track. It was nice to hear those birds chirping their way into the beginning of something else, rather than signaling the end this time around. After a quick break (and a drink of Coke!) I’m back at it, digging the sound of Ctephin and GX Jupitter-Larsen’s collaboration “The Shards of Turin/Second Coming,” which I also reviewed in the last couple days. Notice some synergy going on here? It’s not as purposeful as you might think– I just wanted to play these again, that’s all! Now I’m caught up– so it’s time to figure out what to play next.

You may not realize it, but DJs have quite a bit to do. Between writing this paragraph and the last, I selected the next piece of music (in itself an amazing thing in this modern day where DJs usually have NO control over what plays), read a little more about the composer, queued up two different minidiscs with underwriting announcements for the break coming up in the next six minutes, loaded a couple mp3 files on the station computer to play (since the original sound files are on DVD-A, which I can’t otherwise access here), and checked my sound on an external radio to make sure you’re hearing what I’m hearing. And now I have one 1’04” to go before “A Brittle Substance” ends.

I just finished underwriting annoucements and my little schpiel– as always, trying to get more people to participate in actively listening to the music presented on “It’s Too Damn Early.” For years, I have demanded an active listenership, and while I’d like to believe many do transcend the passive listening role forced upon them by traditional radio models, I suspect it is otherwise. Call me cynical.

I’m writing this as I broadcast “Streams of Whispers,” by Darren Copeland. It is from his album “Perdu et Retrouve,” whose title I may have pronounced correctly last week, but did not attempt again this time around. Instead, I saved what little accumulated French lingual ability gathered this week to make my way– quickly, mind you!– through Pete Stollery’s “Un son peut en cacher un autre,” which I think I might have actually gotten right. I’m dumbfounded. But enough of me– how about these albums? Both are available through Empreintes Digitales, and I can’t recommend the Copeland enough. I’m looking forward to hearing how well the Stollery track “Shortstuff” flows into Copeland’s “Streams of Whispers,” as both have a percussive, transient quality about them. Being able to “sketch” on my broadcasts in this manner is one of the most rewarding aspects of broadcasting for me.

It appears I have liveblog reader(s). What a strange experience… something like having someone read over your shoulder, but without any unwanted breathing in your ear. I’m playing Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, and Wayne Peet right now, at least two of which probably took no small amount of teasing from classmates in elementary schools due to their last names. But let me get back to the Stollery material first– it didn’t transfer as well from the Copeland as I would have liked. Because I hadn’t broadcast these before, I wanted listeners to be able to hear them completely, but I should have gone with my instinct and blended at least a minute’s worth of the two.Back to this trio! “Bean Dip,” which I haven’t announced the name of yet, is a great track. Hay really gets into the vocal rhythms, you can tell she’s having a lot of fun with this album. I wasn’t really thrilled with the last stuff I’d heard from Brad Dutz, so I’m happy to find him on such a fun recording this time out. I felt bad that I didn’t play much of his last one– but I just couldn’t get behind it, and I won’t play something just to be nice.

I’m finding it difficult to believe that I have an hour of show time remaining. I love shows like this one, where I feel that I have had a sufficient amount of time to present everything I wanted to play. Nevermind the fact that I could easily DJ all day– but when I feel like I’ve had to cut something short, or missed out on playing something I really wanted to get around to, its disheartening and makes the show feel like somewhat of a failure. Underwriting is fast approaching now… less than 40″ to go.

Well, I’m overheated. With the transmitter more or less in the next room, WDBX gets hot sometimes! I’m going to have to open a window or something. I’ve got the Edgetone Records release of COMA’s “Ornamental Urban Shrubbery” playing now– great improv work from John Vaughn, Zone, and Dax Compise; the latter two I will have to look up, as I’m not familiar with them. There are so many names! I’m very sympathetic to COMA’s concept for their album, namely that there are many ornamental plants in any given city, quietly going about the business of beautification. However, it is rare that they are overtly noticed, regardless of their existence. Dedicating the album to “everything that goes unnoticed by most, and appreciated by way too few” takes the concept a bit further. It is not enough to see these things, as it is to appreciate them in some way– to make them a part of your life through recognition, comment, etc. This really goes back to what I was saying earlier about active listening versus the passive mode. Perhaps this lesson will sink in for a STARTLING MONIKER reader or two!

Next up is Ironing, from the Hymns label release “Let’s Fucking Go!” I always enjoy tape manipulations, so I’m looking forward to broadcasting a portion of this one. Next week, I’ll definitely be hitting the Hymns stuff harder. Also, not sure how much it bothers you, but I think the last COMA track is spelled incorrectly. As a Star Wars fan, I know the words Klaatu, Barada, and Nikto– the first two are skiff guards for Jabba the Hutt, Nikto is their species. And yes, I’m fully aware that this is an homage to “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Gort, the robot from the movie, was also referenced in Star Wars– but in one of the books, so it doesn’t count. To hell with the Expanded Universe. Anyhow, I keep wanting to “correct” it in the playlist, since it’s driving me nuts. Is this incredibly geeky or what?

I think I’ve reached a stopping point now. I should take some time to straighten up the CD mess I’ve made before the next DJ shows up. I hope you’ve enjoyed my liveblogging. I’ll try to get a download of the complete show up later today, as well as convert some of this entry to links. Until then, enjoy the playlist! –DaveX

update: Here is the complete show, as a single 64kbps mp3 file. Because “ITDE” started 20 minutes early, approximately 10 minutes of the beginning was not recorded. The recording begins just inside the Archipelago material. It sounds much better than you’d think, but is not intended as a replacement for purchasing the actual recordings. If you need any help contacting an artist or label mentioned here, do not hesitate to ask for my assistance. –DaveX

King Ghidorah — Bring Me the Head of Michael Brown
Potpie — Blues for the Lower 9
Archipelago — The Earth Moves Five Ways
B. Killingsworth — Downed Powerline Blues

Grey Park — 10924M
Grey Park — Heliosis
Circle Six — Struk’Tur (Set 6)
Circle Six — Struk’Tur (Set 7)
Ctephin & GX Jupitter-Larsen — A Brittle Substance
Darren Copeland — Streams of Whispers
Pete Stollery — Shortstuff
Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet — Bean Dip
Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet — Filthy Washer
COMA — Tim-smiths’ Ballet
COMA — Ornamental Urban Shrubbery
COMA — Gort, Klattu Barrata Nikoe
Ironing — Let’s Fucking Go!

One Response to “Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/24/07”

  1. Zeno Izen Says:

    Live blogging the show… great idea.

    I’m wondering how safe it is to sit so close to a radio transmitter for hours on end.

    Yeah, it’s probably no big deal.

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