Paul Dutton – “Oralizations”

“Oralizations” is vocal sound artist Paul Dutton’s second collected album of sound poetry, released in 2005 through Ambiances Magnetiques.  Combining works identifies as being along the “speech” and “music” continuum, “Oralizations” is a fascinating catalog of Dutton’s unique vision.

With the exception of one piece, “Wolf Chant,” Dutton utilizes only voice, with the occasional overdubbing of additional self-made vocal sounds. The album covers a lot of ground, too– Beat word-worship of the highest order on “Kit Talk,”  faux pormanteau in “Mercure,” glottal grumbles and Tuvan whistle on “Sonorality,” and what sounds like meth-induced chatter with “Time.”

Dutton is obviously the sort of guy who’d agree with me that words like “goulash,” and “finagle” are great– and who might even have a recording of them stashed away somewhere. His enthusiasm for what he is doing is infectious, though it may not inspire me to follow him into what is surely a spit-soaked endeavor.

Nevertheless; for fans of Jaap BlonkJoan LaBarbara, Beth Anderson, or even Maja Ratkje, “Oralizations” is something that must be heard.

One Response to “Paul Dutton – “Oralizations””

  1. Paul Dutton Says:

    Correction to paragraph two, sentence one: On *Wolf Chant* I use only acoustic voice, as I do in all my voice work. Well, amplification, yeah, but no effects treatment at all, ever.
    Glad the reviewer (whoever it is) found worth in my work, and thanks for putting up the review.

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