Monotract – “Live in Japan”

As musically cracked as it is visually disturbing, Monotract’s seven-label release (seriously– thank Public Eyesore, Carbon Records, Gold Soundz, Imvated, Humbug, Breaking World, and Audiobot) throws Monotract into the same aural deep end as listeners.

Simply put, its a seriously weird album. I could add a lot of different adjectives, but “seriously weird” pretty much covers things. In just over 30 minutes, Monotract belches out an incredible array of electronic noises, kooky beats, shuffling nonsense, and improvised vocals– much of it in random Japanese words.

Don't peel and see. Just unfold gently or it will rip!

I’ve heard stuff like this done before, but usually it’s coming from the other direction. This might very well be the first band to stand the American fascination with “Engrish” noise acts on its head, and in Tokyo no less.

No review of this release would be complete without some comment on the artwork and package. Upon first inspection, I was truly amazed. Despite my familiarity with Public Eyesore’s tendency towards fold-over packaging, I actually tried to peel this one open by the corners first. Then there was a small period of standing around thinking, “huh!”

I finally figured it out, and was rewarded with a tremendous ovate spectacle rendered in hot pink marker and ink. (above, duh) The opposite side contains the most frustratingly difficult liner notes ever– if you’re dyslexic, or do not wish to become dyslexic; watch out– this stuff could make Stanley Mouse go blind.

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  1. Liveblogging! Commentary for “ITDE” 3/29/08 « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] Speaking of minidiscs, Wether’s “Skin Atonement” on Hymns is a monster. I know I’ve talked it up before, but I don’t mind doing it again. If there’s copies of this one left, be sure to grab one. I’m continuing the mini marathon now with the Rubbish half of the double 3″ Roil Noise release “In Praise of Forgotten Gods.” This is positively laid-back for Rubbish, but is one of my favorite of his recordings so far. Sweet Action seems to dig it too, though the ziploc packaging presented some trouble for his night-addled coordination, haha. Reminds me of the time I tried opening the “Live in Japan” Monotract album. […]

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