Ctephin & GX Jupitter-Larsen – “The Shards of Turin / Second Coming”

One good thing about a Ctephin release– or in this case, a Ctephin and GX Jupitter-Larsen release on Roil Noise— is that you have a handy excuse to do some weird reading. Here, Ctephin and Jupitter-Larsen put their heads together to come up with a tribute of sorts to chemical microscopist Walter C. McCrone, among the very few scientists allowed to analyze the Shroud of Turin.

It is appropriate then, that this release should feature so much in the way of exploded sound; where everything is seemingly stretched into atomic form. This is an album that really couldn’t exist outside the digital world, either. What listeners end up hearing is the rhythms created by the literal gaps in the sampling rate. With multiple layers, some of these beating rhythms can become quite intense.

If you are able, brave this release with headphones. There are a number of much lower and less noticeable sounds underneath the obvious electronic rush. I hear twittering noises in parts, small crashes, and even melodic elements. They are faint, and maddeningly transient. When using a microscope, it is one’s ability focus that is perhaps most important for yielding good results. The same is true for this album– listeners unable to penetrate the initial cacophonous “forest” will never perceive the trees.

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