STARTLING MONIKER declared “useful”

care.jpgZeno Izen, of the Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report blog, posted… um, tomorrow?… an amazingly positive “review” of STARTLING MONIKER. Keeping in mind that Zeno is not on my payroll, and nor is a cousin of mine, I’m quite pleased with the good things he had to say:

“Still, to try and explain the unexplainable often leads to the accidental production of insightful statements. In fact, you may find that DaveX sums up a thing or two that you’ve thought about yourself, but never thought you could articulate into words. These things probably will have something to do with how much excellent music is available for free downloading, or with the subtler points of copyright issues in this new era of music distribution…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Besides, if Zeno writes it, nobody can accuse me of bragging. But seriously, its wonderful to know that my writing is not only being read, but is of use to readers. STARTLING MONIKER has allowed me a way to augment my radio broadcasts, and also to present ideas that are not always appropriate for the show– sound art concepts, personal projects, closer examination of the nature of sound and music…

But enough about me. Click over to Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report, and get acquainted with Zeno. He enhances his birds-eye look at the world of experimental music with a plenitude of up-to-the-minute links to music downloads, current posts and feeds from remote sections of the net, and a generous nature that makes any community strong.

2 Responses to “STARTLING MONIKER declared “useful””

  1. Thomas Says:

    Many cheers for the kudos!

  2. Denise Robasciotti Says:

    Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

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