Commentary for “It’s Too Damn Early” 3/10/07

Today’s show went very well. I’ve still been really excited about the “Friday Morning Everywhere” album from Phil Hargreaves and Glenn Weyant on Whi-Music, so I started with that one. There’s a lot of odd sounds in the first track, which got me thinking about some of the transient noises in Kylie Minoise’s Kovorox Sound release “Spank Magic Lodge.” Four tracks later, I knew I finally had the perfect opening for the whacked-out avant-pop of George Korein, now available from Galvatraz Records, and Peacific Music.

Original photography by DaveX

After this set, I played an older recording I made with a friend as part of our radio show ~Ore~. This particular broadcast, Modular II, was constructed entirely from short sound samples we burned to CDRs specifically for the broadcast.STL-based sound artist Mystified supplied unreleased noise, sound art, and commentary for his guest-host spot. This was a little experiment that went very well. Although I’m always interested to have artists participate in my broadcasts in some creative fashion, it is remarkable (and sad) how few choose to approach me with unique ideas. If you have an idea for something that can stretch listener’s expectations, for a collaborative radio work, or something entirely new, get in touch!

In the next set, I was pleased to broadcast a couple artist “debuts” for”It’s Too Damn Early.” First up was San Francisco-based improvisor Tom Nunn. His recent release for Edgetone Records, Identity, is fantastic– really exciting, and well recorded. I have a review for it, check the index of reviews to locate it (and other reviews!) The next debut was for the Caustic Toad release of Jeff Sampson, Eric Wallack, and Bret Hart’s “Woosh.” Caustic Toad is the sister label to Burning Shirt, where Jeff Sampson’s AKRUDE project (a duo with Jeph Jerman) resides, an album which I will most likely play next week.

Dimitri Voudouris’ weighty electroacoustic release for Pogus, “NPFAI…” provided a bit of an anchor to the show, with Canada’s infamous Nihilist Spasm Band closing out the show with “What About Me,” one of my favorite NSB recordings.

As always, I recorded the show, and am making a free copy available as a single track, encoded as a 64kbps MP3 file. This is not intended as a replacement for purchasing the actual albums; but simply as a way to hear the broadcast, and learn more about these fine recordings. You can download the complete show here.

Next week, I will be playing many new electroacoustic works, and featuring sounds from a variety of net labels. To see the broadcast time in your city, click here. Until then, enjoy your playlist.

Phil Hargreaves, Glenn Weyant — Do Not Sing
Kylie Minoise — Hot Teens Hooked on Cosmetic Surgery
Kylie Minoise — Torn By Jaws and Claws
Kylie Minoise — Fear Swept the Poolsides
Kylie Minoise — Automatic Incineation
George Korein
— Quiet Now
George Korein — Writhe, Sally, Writhe
George Korein — Squelch the Whelp
Costes — Avis aux Imitateurs
~Ore~ — Modular II
The Painful Leg Injuries — In the Haze, You Can See So Much Everything It’s Nothing
Chie Mukai
— Untitled
Special guest host set: MYSTIFIED
Mystified — Hot Hot Heat
Rabbit Girls — Vespers
Mystified — From Deep
Ctephin — Nimitta
Mystified — Trolls on a Wire
Mystified & Plexus Instruments — Never Left
End guest host set
Tom Nunn — Skatchmat
Tom Nunn — Skatchrod
Jeff Sampson, Eric Wallack, Bret Hart — Res Cogitans Uber Des Extensa
Jeff Sampson, Eric Wallack, Bret Hart — The Map Is Not the Territory
Dimitri Voudouris — Praxis
Nihilist Spasm Band
— Hesitation
Nihilist Spasm Band — What About Me
Nihilist Spasm Band — Indecision of the Night
Nihilist Spasm Band — Function

2 Responses to “Commentary for “It’s Too Damn Early” 3/10/07”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Cool show! I am glad that worked so well.

  2. Jeff Says:

    I was listening (again) to my downloaded copy of this show the other day. Even though I very much appreciate your having played two cuts from WooSH, the best part of the show was Dimitri Voudouris’ “Praxis”. Thanks a bunch for introducing him to my ears.

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