“Does Utmost”

With two live tracks, the Roil Noise offering of Torturing Nurse “Does Utmost,” is one of those confrontational releases that almost automatically split listeners along is/isn’t “time well spent” lines. The fact is that this simply isn’t a release for everyone– the ecstatic nature of this release (especially of the first track, “You Are My Jonky”) will leave less visibly passionate, inward listeners cold. It’s hard to explain this sort of “release” to people– being within the moment, perceiving the flow of energy and ideas as they channel through you– but it’s a powerful feeling readily apparent here.

Again, especially with the first track, a perceptive listener could make the case that “junk” noise such as this is the musical equivalent of speaking in tongues. It may not be comprehensible thought, but is there such in a speechless cry for help either? In a way, it is our common experience that makes this sort of “speech” understandable– if you’ve “been there,” you’ll get it.

But don’t let me convince you that enjoying this recording is limited to the exclusive domain of wild people living on the periphery. The second track, “Schizophrenia,” is much more controlled. Harmonica, abused snare, ground loops, and pressure-hose noises contribute to a rattling drone with enough detail for repeat listening.

The sound quality of “Does Utmost” is as good as I would expect– it lacks some of the depth a studio recording might have, but doesn’t suffer from any serious loss, either. And the cover! This could easily be a killer poster. I’m loving the rodeo cowboy font– shades of Patsy Cline, yeah!

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