Commentary for “It’s Too Damn Early” 3/3/07

For today’s show, I decided to have a label “highlight.” In this case, the lucky label was Roil Noise, Kansas City-based net (and cdr) label with an inclusive take on the too-often compartmentalized world of noise. Because I will be posting individual reviews of many of these albums in the next couple days, I’ll just say that I enjoyed being able to present such an in-depth look at Roil Noise. From experience, I am certain there are listeners who will now be inspired to keep working on their own sounds, and to share their work with others.

As always, I made a recording of the show, which I am sharing as a single 64kbps mp3 file. This recording is not intended as a substitute for purchasing the original albums, which I always encourage you to do. In fact, at least a few of the works presented on this show are already freely downloadable directly from Roil Noise, in a much higher quality format.

Original photography by DaveX

Next week, Roil Noise artist Mystified will be guest-hosting a portion of “It’s Too Damn Early,” with a special mix of noise favorites and commentary. This is a first for the show, and a rarity for pretty much anywhere, so you won’t want to miss it.Keep checking for my reviews, which I will be posting throughout the next few days. Until then, enjoy the playlist!

Kenji Siratori & Torturing Nurse — Massacre Gene
Kenji Siratori & Torturing Nurse — Mutant Hell
Kenji Siratori & Torturing Nurse — Abolition Body
Kenji Siratori & Torturing Nurse — Heteromania Syndrome
Kenji Siratori & Torturing Nurse — Corpse Mechanism Fuck
Torturing Nurse — Schizophrenia
Circle Six — Glitch Core
Circle Six — White Swan
Circle Six — Cutting Up The Rest IV
Circle Six — Cutting Up The Rest III
Rabbit Girls — The Lifelong Journey Into Nonexistence
Skillful Means
— Gak II, Untitled track 1/1
Maximum Headlessness — Treading Water
Maximum Headlessness — Cherries
Malebolge — Philosophy in Limbo
Malebolge — Limbo’s Keep
Malebolge — A Conoisseur of Sin
Malebolge — A Cold, Heavy, Dirty Rain
Rabbit Girls — Verisimilitude
Big City Orchestra — Theme from “A Summer’s Place”
Big City Orchestra — “True Love” from High Society
Big City Orchestra — An Affair to Remember

One Response to “Commentary for “It’s Too Damn Early” 3/3/07”

  1. Thomas Says:

    GREAT set! Hope y’all won’t miss next week. . .

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