“Glitch Core”

Thank the LARD for small miracles. My gut heaved a bit as I first noticed the title of this release. “Glitch Core,” I said to myself, “Sounds like more IDM nonsense.” Obviously, I was wrong. I guess I should have been tipped off by being able to pronounce all the titles on the first try, eh? Anyhow, Circle Six’s cdr release on Roil Noise is a well-constructed work, utilising what appear to be actual glitches, as well as a fair helping of droning electronics. Most fulfilling, though, is Circle Six’s able avoidance of cliche– with purposeful drones, no overused breakbeats, and sound sources that have seen a significant amount of care.

Tracks like “Mygrain,” (which satisfy my geek need to pun on microsound terminology) really show C6’s attention to detail; shortwave scree opens with tonal growls, gradually working into the occasional spastic blurt interrupting chains of tremulous electronics. “Feedback” features an extraordinarily detailed tone embroidered with enough design to make me give up my nice speakers for a set of headphones. Overall, the sound quality is very nice on this release, with a good-looking cover to match.

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