Gizmondo RIAA Boycott? *yawn*

Let me get this off my chest right now. I love buying new music. While I’ll admit to some of the baser delights– the shiny jewel cases! new liner notes! the hearty “snap” of the first tine, breaking as I remove the disc!– for me, the real reward is simply hearing new sounds. I truly enjoy hearing artists grow from disc to disc, as well as trying to “place” their music in a greater framework of all music.

But now it’s March, and Gizmondo is taking on the blue meanies over at the RIAA, that bizarro world where art and commerce are hopelessly jumbled into an ugly mess. As someone who has long opposed the ridiculous bullying tactics the RIAA has employed to squash file-sharing, and as an informed DJ more than a little familiar with the lopsided (parasitic, unethical, illegal) nature of the music industry, you’d probably assume I’m excited to participate in boycotting the RIAA.

But really, I’m not.

The truth is, I haven’t participated in any of the RIAA’s reindeer games for a long time. I get new music all the time, and none of it has anything to do with the RIAA– and probably never has. The experimental and underground communities are doing just fine without them, thank you. If anything, filesharing is working quite well for us. It’s easy to find out about new artists, new releases, and to try something out with (often) limited funds before committing to any sort of purchase.

For a lot of avant-garde, experimental, difficult, and underground music; distribution is moving away from money entirely. While the music “industry” is arguing about DRM-crippled ringtones, we’ve been busy creating art– happily moving beyond the cliche of keeping the “suits” uneasy, the underground music communities have ignored them completely. Notice was never served, but here’s the takeaway: the traditional industry is obsolete.

If you don’t believe me, here are 12 netlabels that prove it.

Test Tube

No Type

Out of Obscure

20 kbps rec.




Comfort Stand Recordings

Roil Noise

Backporch Revolution

Filament Recordings


If you find something you like, be sure to post about it in the comments section.

2 Responses to “Gizmondo RIAA Boycott? *yawn*”

  1. keptblue Says:

    i respect your opinion and thought the article was well-written.

    i will be participating however… anyway to convince the masses is good to me!

  2. Antonio Mazzitelli Says:

    Hey thanks for listing our netlabel (out of obscure) as an example :) I totaly agree with you: the traditional industry is obsolete, or to be more specific: the traditional way of distributing music and promoting artists will fail in a totaly open and digital marketplace.

    Who wants to go to a shop to buy a cd with 1 good track on it and maybe even have to wait until they receive it from their distributor (because its something thats not really popular)… As soon as the habbits of the music consuming masses change, there will be no place anymore for physical-media-distributors…

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