Commentary for “ITDE” 2/24/07

Today’s show went very well, albeit in a different direction than I would have taken things. Oh well! Some might say that this is due to a lack of planning– but I think it is more interesting to actually have a good broadcast than a finely detailed plan for one.

Original photography by DaveX

Once again, I found myself arriving to an empty studio. I’m not sure who came in before me, or what happened. I’ve actually been enjoying the extra time, though. The extra 30 minutes seems to make all the difference. This week, I used the time to go back to an album I had neglected somewhat, the self-titled Innova Records release of “Electropolis.” It’s a truly fun set of recordings, very strange in sections, but familiar in others. The give-and-take between the expected and surprising set the groundwork for an attentive listening session.Following the Electropolis material, I announced the show proper, with Phil Hargreaves and Glen Weyant’s “Friday Morning Everywhere” release on the underappreciated Whi Music label. Despite years of dealing first-hand with artists who freely distribute their music, I am still amazed that music as fantastic as this album is free. Long-time listeners may recall me broadcasting earlier Hargreaves work on Whi– “A Present From the Pickpocket” with Lee Noyes, and “Trees” with Simon Fell and Rob Dainton as Amere. I had so much fun playing the “Friday Morning Everywhere” material that I will certainly be revisiting these others next week.

Listeners also heard from current Carbondale resident Gallows, with his track “Heil To Anyone” on the Costes tribute album “Ils Ont Tue Costes,” which may no longer be available. Beats me, I got my copy as a burn from Gallows– I try to stay out of the E-bay limited-release madhouse.

I began the next set with a long excerpt from P.D. Wilder’s newest work, “The Slowness That Produced Such Structures in the Background.” I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the recording– and even more striking– it’s still not mastered. This is going to be an essential album; I will let you know when it is available from the Frenetic Love label. Following Wilder’s material, I revisited the Long Arms release of Vladimir Miller & Quartets’ “Fours” album. The “Outbursts” compositions (played last on “ITDE” 12/10/05) provided a nice lead-in to Preston Swirnoff’s “Maariv #1” improvisation on “Somethings #1,” the third installment in Last Visible Dog’s new avant-garde series of releases. I’ve been extremely happy with each of the three releases so far; they are well-recorded, diverse, challenging, and surprisingly different from one another. “Somethings #1” focuses on the fluid boundary of composed and improvisational music, with representative works by Nick Castro, disc curator Ilya Monosov, Chie Mukai, Sarah Peebles, and others.

STL noise artist Mystified got some more airplay from the Roil Records release “Mystified vs. Ghoul Detail.” I’ve been enjoying Mystified’s work, as there is a high level of attentiveness to detail that is missing from a lot of noise work. The open secret is that, a lot of the time, Mystified is making something above and beyond the relative simplicity of harsh noise into the more difficult (but often equally raucous) world of sound art. If you’re not afraid of being weighed down with too many free recordings this week, I suggest you check out Mystified’s latest– a split with Say No More Tongues on the Nashville-based Black Flower Music net label. I haven’t heard it (yet) but I bet it’s worth your time.

I finished off the show with some more of The Mighty Vitamins. Their Public Eyesore release “Take-Out” is a solid recording with many nice moments. It’s fairly low-key, nice stuff to wind down a tired DJ looking forward to getting some shut-eye.

As in previous weeks, I recorded the broadcast, and am making it available for free download. The file is in a 64kbps mp3 format as a single file– certainly adequate for listening, but I do not intend for this to be a replacement to purchasing the actual albums. I fully encourage those of you who enjoy the music to get in contact with the labels or artists involved, and show them your support!

Here is your playlist. Enjoy!

Electropolis — Scorched
Electropolis — The Slider
Electropolis — Sailing the Flat Earth
Electropolis — Recliner
Electropolis — Naughty Maria
Electropolis — Dagobah
Phil Hargreaves, Glen Weyant — Do Not Sing
Phil Hargreaves, Glen Weyant — A Door is Open
Phil Hargreaves, Glen Weyant — Force of Circumstance
Phil Hargreaves, Glen Weyant — Dudu
Phil Hargreaves, Glen Weyant — Sorry
Phil Hargreaves, Glen Weyant — To The Singer
Gallows — Heil To Anyone
PD Wilder — The Slowness That Produced Such Structures in the Background
Vladimir Miller and Quartets — Outbursts 1
Vladimir Miller and Quartets — Outbursts 2
Preston Swirnoff — Maariv #1
Mystified — To The Moon Alice
Mystified — Strange Surfaces
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Loops and Spirals
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Stoppages
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Turbulance
The Mighty Vitamins — Kaw River Suite: Celebration
The Mighty Vitamins — Get a Good Job

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