Commentary for “It’s Too Damn Early” 2/17/07

This week’s show went very well. I’ve been playing a lot of new recordings lately, which is nice, but I think next week I’m going to have to bring out some older works– and oddly enough, it was some of the newest stuff that got me thinking about doing this– specifically the fine Pogus Productions release of Dimitri Voudouris’s “NPFAI.1/Palmos/NPFAI.3/Praxis” album. It’s not the sounds as much as the incredible level of detailed work that recalls the early experiments of Stockhausen, Lindblad, or Dodge for me. So who knows what I’ll be up to next week– most likely some sort of generational mash-up of composers.

Original photography by DaveX

But I’m getting ahead of myself… this show started a little more than thirty minutes early, so I thought I’d play a long selection from the brand-new Circle album “Tower,” which is out (but maybe not supposed to be yet…) on Last Visible Dog Records. I was listening to it on the way to the station (and also a few hours earlier while driving a friend to work) and I now believe that this is perfect music for snowy nights. Coming from Finland, I’m sure Circle would laugh at what I consider to be a “snowy night,” but the feeling is there nonetheless. It’s the sound of endless snow rushing at you no matter which way you turn, the spatial trickery of losing a horizon to focus on, and the disturbing paradox that the beauty surrounding you could very well be dangerous. It’s also great music for playing while opening the radio station for the day.

Once I really got going, it seemed like I had such a long time to play anything I wanted. It’s amusing how much of a difference an additional half-hour can make! I think that a three-hour show would be the perfect length. It would give me time to get into the DJ mode, and still leave two full hours for all the blending and mixing that I enjoy. And although I know its important to play the underwriter announcements, I have to admit that I wish I could avoid them– sometimes the half-hour break disturbs the flow of things.

For a lot of DJs, I’m sure the underwriters are sort of an abstract idea. Back when WDBX was moving master control from one room to another, there was a lot of wiring that was being finished during one of my shows. Since I’m an obsessive, I came in anyway, and ran the majority of the broadcast from a jambox. While I was watching the jambox “boil,” so to speak, I saw all the hard work one of our otherwise “abstract” underwriters was doing– the grunt jobs of hooking everything up, testing connections, and generally making sure nobody would get shocked to death operating the board. Yes, I’m rambling. Sorry.

Another new album (and band) for me is Lunch With Beardo, which will be my submission should anyone hold a “worst band name” contest in the future, right along with Anus the Menace. On the up-side, LWB seems to make good music, and their album “Surrealistic Picnic” flowed very well into the Diaz-Infante/St.Chaos/Bohol set from “The Long Await Between Collapsed Lungs.” Much later in the show, I played some of the Public Eyesore release from The Mighty Vitamins (another questionable band name). The album “Take-Out,” has been an interesting listen for me. It has some distinctly different sections to it, which suggests differing influences and directions for each of the four performers. Nevertheless, everyone plays well together, with a lot of give-and-take among all the sounds. The Beatles “White” album could have taken some queues from “Take-Out,” but this is chronologically unlikely.

Finally, let me discuss the last two artists who made their “debut” on “It’s Too Damn Early” this week: Luc Houtkamp, and Objekt 4. Two more unlike artists have never existed in a single paragraph, I assure you. Houtkamp, with his Entropy Stereo release “In Chicago”, brought some welcome brass to an otherwise guitar and electronics dominated broadcast. The first track “Pershing Balloon Jump” is fantastic– from the moment I heard it, I knew I’d be broadcasting it at the earliest opportunity. Objekt 4, on the other hand, has presented me with a lot of difficulty. As you probably are aware by now, I’m not a big fan of the “dark ambient” area. Its done to death, and can become rather boring. Still, I was intrigued by some of the textures on the album “No Light District,” which also has a 5:1 mix DVD-R accompanying the stereo mix CD. Although the album probably won’t force a re-evaluation of the genre, it does have some rather good moments.

As in previous weeks, I recorded this broadcast, and am making it available for free download. The file is in a 64kbps mp3 format as a single file— certainly adequate for listening, but I do not intend for this to be a replacement to purchasing the actual albums. I fully encourage those of you who enjoy the music to get in contact with the labels or artists involved, and show them your support! In the meantime, here is your playlist:

Circle (feat. Verde) — Tower
The Painful Leg Injuries — A Complete Lack of Charisma and/or Talent
The Painful Leg Injuries — An Uncomfortable Revelation That I Feel Better About Every Day
Lunch With Beardo — Innocence to Wisdom
Diaz-Infante, St. Chaos, Bohol — Slow in the Unday
Diaz-Infante, St. Chaos, Bohol — Sunlight Fixed, Folded
Diaz-Infante, St. Chaos, Bohol — Death Valley; restless, tired
Doctor Bob — Chunk-a-Shred
Doctor Bob — Dream Scheme
Doctor Bob — Abandoned Lighthouse
Lollywagon — All We Hay!
The Mighty Vitamins — 39 Steps
The Mighty Vitamins — April 21
Luc Houtkamp — Pershing Balloon Jump
Dimitri Voudouris — NPFAI.3
Dimitri Voudouris — Praxis
Fe-Mail — Samba Furrore
Fe-Mail — Interlude II
Objekt4 — The Light That Burns Twice
Objekt4 — As Bright Burns
— Red Square

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