“It’s Too Damn Early” Commentary for 2/10/07

Today’s broadcast went very well. I was pleased to play from a number of new albums, many of which were making their ITDE debut– Mystified’s “Instability”, released on Ambolthue Records; on Edgetone Records, Doctor Bob’s “Dark Times;” the ambitious Asphodel release “Blixter Toad” from duo Fe-Mail; and “NPFAI.1/Palmos/NPFAI.3/Praxis” by Dimitri Voudouris on Pogus Productions.

Original flyer artwork by DaveX

I had intended to do a lot of mixing and blending of sounds tonight, but never really got around to it in force. In the last hour, I spent about thirty minutes blending a variety of tracks, and although it was a nice effect, I simply didn’t find myself in the blending mood after all. This is one interesting aspect of my broadcasts: that I often find out what the show is going to consist of along with the listeners!

Today’s show was also notable because of a couple smells. For some reason, the Hi-Life Room was smelling a bit stale, so I sprinkled some carpet odorizer about. Unfortunately, it must have been industrial-strength, because I was going crazy smelling oranges for the rest of the show. I barely sprinkled any! Such are the torments I bear to bring you fine experimental music.

As usual, I am sharing a copy of the complete broadcast. It is a single 64kbps mp3 file, recorded directly from our online stream. This is not intended to be a substitute for purchasing the actual albums, which I truly encourage you to do. If you are upset by this file being made available, please contact me. Otherwise, enjoy your playlist!

Birchville Cat Motel — Drawn Towards Chanting Hordes
Mystified — Brannon Construct 2
Mystified — Chirps and Oscillations
Mystified — Beer Can Pulse
Mystified — Instability
Doctor Bob
— Dark Times
Doctor Bob — They’re Coming
Doctor Bob — Opera-ation
Costes — Avis aux Imitateurs
Joe La Mouk — Premier Baiser
Fe-Mail — Belonging
Fe-Mail — Navrattan Korma
Eddie the Rat — Chasing the Sun
Eddie the Rat — Shortcut
Eddie the Rat — Once Around the Butterfly Bush
Sergei Zagny — Sonata Reconstructed from Fragments the Order of Which is Lost
Jon Hassell, Brian Eno — Charm
Paul Dutton — Kit Talk
Anla Courtis — Jarabe de Llanura
Geoff Mullen — The Air in Pieces
The Painful Leg Injuries — In the Haze, You Can See So Much Everything It’s Nothing
Dimitri Voudouris — New Possibilities for African Instrument #1
Dimitri Voudouris — Palmos

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