Choking My Photobucket (Selected ITDE Flyer Art)

Accompanying my entry about today’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast is a scan of one of my many, many flyers. I’ve been wanting to make an entry featuring some of my other flyers; this seems like as good a time as any. Keep in mind that some of these were produced when the show aired at other time slots, so don’t think I’ve changed anything without letting you know!

The flyer art (above and immediately following the jump) are some of my most recent. For about a year now, I’ve been doing most of my flyer art entirely within Photoshop, whereas I had previously used a mixture of hand-collage and scanning techniques.  These two flyers are constructed with images from various world religions. The top flyers has Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Islamic, and Satanic imagery. The lower flyer has elements from Hindu, Christian, Nordic, and Aztec religions.

The flyer (immediately below) features similar religious iconography, culled from a Catholic manual for priests. If you’re wondering, the repetitive use of the cow’s head is due to this particular cow being my personal mascot. Having “adopted” him over 10 years ago (after finding him in his original use in a Russian nutrition poster), I use “Malty” in nearly all of my flyer art. I often change him in some small way, similar to how the cover artists for MAD Magazine alter their mascot, Alfred E. Neumann.

Here are a couple more that feature Malty, and one that just plays on the idea of cows, by using the International Sign Language for “cow.”

I’m especially proud of this one (immediately below). It is supposed to mimic an adult magazine. I always laugh  my ass off about all the little cow legs at the bottom!  Be sure to view at full size, and check the details on the mailing address and recipient.

Early inspirations for flyers came from vintage advertisements. The dishwasher-related flyer was from a National Geographic magazine’s General Electic ad, the overall one was originally for Osh Kosh.

Following a complaint from one of the WDBX Board of Directors members about the possibility of misogynistic language in a flyer (which featured a ridiculous “plot” drawn over scenes from the movie “The Bastard,”) I produced the following flyer art to make my position understood.

Finally, one of my recurring favorites. Every so often, I re-work it to reflect some current happening, or at least to update the show time slot. This flyer is taken from some Japanese language worksheet, of course, with the original dialogue removed. For those not in the know about Southern Illinois, Vulture Fest is a real, annual festival held in Makanda, Illinois.

Perhaps another time, I can scan some more of my flyer art. Until then, let me know what you think! –DaveX

4 Responses to “Choking My Photobucket (Selected ITDE Flyer Art)”

  1. BobC Says:

    Hey DaveX

    Very nice stuff!
    I especially like the first large figure “Listen, Repent, Repeat” and also the “You’re not listening hard enough.”
    Very satisfying.

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    I still need to scan in my “Archie” and other comic flyers. Every so often, I’ll re-use comic panels by erasing the dialog to create my own dramatic flyers. I’ll see if I can get these posted in the next couple days. Thanks for your comment!

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