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On Maneuvers…

February 25, 2007

Zeno, from the Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report, had this to say about my “It’s Too Damn Early” experimental radio broadcasts:

“Your 2.5 hours a week are like territory captured and held.”

This has to be on my next set of flyers. Thanks, Zeno!

Commentary for “ITDE” 2/24/07

February 24, 2007

Today’s show went very well, albeit in a different direction than I would have taken things. Oh well! Some might say that this is due to a lack of planning– but I think it is more interesting to actually have a good broadcast than a finely detailed plan for one.

Original photography by DaveX



February 24, 2007

Did you ever wonder where STARTLING MONIKER got its name? In the spirit of giving, I’m going to tell you…


Why create?

February 22, 2007

Jack Wright has a great, thought-provoking entry in his “Shakey Ground” blog today— bringing up a facet of the “why do I do this?” question I find myself asking so often in relation to my own sound “art.” (more…)

Commentary for “It’s Too Damn Early” 2/17/07

February 21, 2007

This week’s show went very well. I’ve been playing a lot of new recordings lately, which is nice, but I think next week I’m going to have to bring out some older works– and oddly enough, it was some of the newest stuff that got me thinking about doing this– specifically the fine Pogus Productions release of Dimitri Voudouris’s “NPFAI.1/Palmos/NPFAI.3/Praxis” album. It’s not the sounds as much as the incredible level of detailed work that recalls the early experiments of Stockhausen, Lindblad, or Dodge for me. So who knows what I’ll be up to next week– most likely some sort of generational mash-up of composers.

Original photography by DaveX

But I’m getting ahead of myself… this show started a little more than thirty minutes early, so I thought I’d play a long selection from the brand-new Circle album “Tower,” which is out (but maybe not supposed to be yet…) on Last Visible Dog Records. I was listening to it on the way to the station (and also a few hours earlier while driving a friend to work) and I now believe that this is perfect music for snowy nights. Coming from Finland, I’m sure Circle would laugh at what I consider to be a “snowy night,” but the feeling is there nonetheless. It’s the sound of endless snow rushing at you no matter which way you turn, the spatial trickery of losing a horizon to focus on, and the disturbing paradox that the beauty surrounding you could very well be dangerous. It’s also great music for playing while opening the radio station for the day. (more…)

Choking My Photobucket (Selected ITDE Flyer Art)

February 10, 2007

Accompanying my entry about today’s “It’s Too Damn Early” broadcast is a scan of one of my many, many flyers. I’ve been wanting to make an entry featuring some of my other flyers; this seems like as good a time as any. Keep in mind that some of these were produced when the show aired at other time slots, so don’t think I’ve changed anything without letting you know!

The flyer art (above and immediately following the jump) are some of my most recent. For about a year now, I’ve been doing most of my flyer art entirely within Photoshop, whereas I had previously used a mixture of hand-collage and scanning techniques.  These two flyers are constructed with images from various world religions. The top flyers has Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Islamic, and Satanic imagery. The lower flyer has elements from Hindu, Christian, Nordic, and Aztec religions. (more…)

“It’s Too Damn Early” Commentary for 2/10/07

February 10, 2007

Today’s broadcast went very well. I was pleased to play from a number of new albums, many of which were making their ITDE debut– Mystified’s “Instability”, released on Ambolthue Records; on Edgetone Records, Doctor Bob’s “Dark Times;” the ambitious Asphodel release “Blixter Toad” from duo Fe-Mail; and “NPFAI.1/Palmos/NPFAI.3/Praxis” by Dimitri Voudouris on Pogus Productions.

Original flyer artwork by DaveX

I had intended to do a lot of mixing and blending of sounds tonight, but never really got around to it in force. In the last hour, I spent about thirty minutes blending a variety of tracks, and although it was a nice effect, I simply didn’t find myself in the blending mood after all. This is one interesting aspect of my broadcasts: that I often find out what the show is going to consist of along with the listeners! (more…)

“Dark Times”

February 7, 2007

I was originally considering a “two-for-one” review covering the Edgetone Records release from Dr. Bob, “Dark Times;” as well as the Eddie the Rat release I posted yesterday. But when I thought about it more, I realized that I don’t really enjoy reading those sorts of reviews– they generally spend a long time on one artist, and not much on the others. Beside, these two albums couldn’t be much more different if they’d originated on separate planets. But hey, that’s why experimental music is so much fun.


A “3-2-1 Contact” Moment!

February 7, 2007

A nifty comic from XKCD… reminds me of the flow charts that used to be in the “Enter” section of “3-2-1 Contact.”

“Once Around the Butterfly Bush”

February 6, 2007

So… who wants to hear an album filled with homemade instruments, oddball circular rhythms, and a guy who plays drums with his feet while his hands give a piano a workout? As your prize for answering, “Meeeeeeeee!” I will now tell you all about “Once Around the Butterfly Bush,” the latest Edgetone Records release from Eddie the Rat.

First off, lets get this whole foot/hands thing out of the way, because its very cool. I have to admit, my inital once-over of the liner notes totally missed this startling bit of information, so I was really curious– the recording didn’t sound as if there was much in the way of overdubbing, but there were obviously a few too many instruments for a quartet. While digging on the unique, circular phrases and out-of-kilter rhythms, I envisioned a very busy room with performers hurrying about, dropping one instrument to pick up another. It was a fun idea, something like a deleted scene from an avant-garde version of “Help!” (more…)

Now you know the power of the dark side…

February 4, 2007

STARTLING MONIKER received 62 views on Superbowl Sunday, hee hee. I gotta admit, that’s pretty freakin’ cool. Thanks, folks! –DaveX

Photography by DaveX

A Confession

February 4, 2007

I have a small confession to make, and I guess now is as good a time as any to get it over with…


“It’s Too Damn Early” Commentary for 2/3/07

February 3, 2007

Today’s broadcast of “it’s Too Damn Early” was fantastic. Ambient/drone guitarist P.D. Wilder played two live sets in the WDBX “Hi-Life Room” (as I call master control) and of course, a lot of good music was broadcast as well.

I was able to give some more time to the Edgetone Records group Eddie the Rat, as well as a nice long set of Dan Joseph Ensemble works from the “Archaea” album. However, the best part of the show was just having a nice “behind-the-scenes” conversation with Wilder, a touring improvisational musician. We swapped stories about our various motivations for abandoning (and of course, coming back to) making music; our hopes for cultivating interest and understanding about experimental works in our respective areas, and the general “who’s on what label” so necessary to keeping up in today’s often super-obscure CDR label scene.

On a super-cool note, The Carbondale Nightlife (a local entertainment newspaper) published a short write-up noting “It’s Too Damn Early’s” 5th anniversary, and information about Wilder. STARTLING MONIKER even got a brief mention near the end. Thanks, Nightlife!

As a small service to STARTLING MONIKER readers, I am making a complete recording of this broadcast available for the next six days through the slightly more offbeat “Senduit” website. The recording is taken directly from WDBX’s streaming broadcast, as a single 64kbps mp3 track. It is by no means as good a quality as purchasing any of these albums yourself, which I strongly urge you to do. To download, simply click here.

For the last remaining dial-up afficianados, here is a playlist. Feel free to use your imagination to recreate the show in whatever quality or format you wish.

Eddie the Rat — Anamnesis #1
Eddie the Rat — Mu (Unask the Question)
Eddie the Rat — Dim
Nick Didkovsky — She Closes Her Sister with Heavy Bones
Nick Didkovsky — Machinecore
Nick Didkovsky — Tube Mouth Bow String
P.D. Wilder — LIVE pt.1 , on “It’s Too Damn Early”
Kotra, Zavolonka — Out of Nowhere
Kotra, Zavolonka — Uneven Walk
Kotra, Zavolonka — A Taste of Live Life
Kotra, Zavolonka — Analogue Tender
Kotra, Zavolonka — Spacy Drift
Dan Joseph Ensemble — Percussion and Strings
Dan Joseph Ensemble — Archaea Quartet
Dan Joseph Ensemble — Lotus Quintet
P.D. Wilder — LIVE pt.2 , on “It’s Too Damn Early”
My Fun — The Pursuit of Old Pleasures