Seconds, anyone?

Looking to gently ease yourself into the realm of artistic collaboration? Do you want to give of your time, but find that everyone is just asking for too much? Perhaps you work very slowly, and you’re just waiting for Sony to release the ultra-minidisc so you begin selling your two-minute opus that took you six years to create?

Well have I got some news for you!

Patrick Neve; Obscurica Records label head and host of KWVA’s experimental “Tone Killers” program, is continuing to take submissions for his “Sloppy Seconds” project, where every one-minute track is comprised of 60 one-second submissions. With his sights set on filling an 80-minute CDR, however, the project is currently somewhere around 30 minutes in.

At 60 artists a minute, that would be 4800 separate submissions, with a track marker every minute. I know, I’m aiming for the sky, and it’s probably a totally unrealistic goal. You can help by passing the website around to anyone you think might be interested. Any style of music will be accepted. When I deem it’s “done”, submissions will no longer be accepted and it’ll be released in whatever form it takes.

And what a form! Last I listened, I was incredibly surprised to see how musical it could be. Sure, it changes every second, but part of the real fun is seeing how much can actually be fit into those tiny contributions. There are plenty of moments of synchronicity, too– rhythms form over the period of four or five seconds, and collapse; changing dynamics from one track to another play with your perception… well, it’s all much more interesting that you might first suspect. I’m definately looking forward to picking up a copy!

Of course, I had to get involved– as “Malty and the Maltettes,” with a blisteringly loud burst entitled “It’s Too Damn Early.” My track, sourced from a molecule of Super Mario gameplay, is at 3’38” joining trackmates Miulew, Rank Sinatra, and even R. Stevie Moore. Besides the obvious 58, how many people can claim they were on a track with R. Stevie Moore?

Besides these; I see Cock ESP, Black Leather Jesus, Id M Theft Able, Crank Sturgeon, Lasse Marhaug, Phroq, Pulse Emitter, Aboolele, Mutant Ape, Government Alpha, Boris, MC Hawking, Kylie Mynoise– a real who’s who of the noise world.

So, be sure your submission is exactly one second long (screwups will have their tracks altered, Patrick says), and e-mail it to:

Afterward, you can treat yourself to a fine mix of harsh noise, experimental sounds, and many varieties of difficult listening, because “Tone Killers” broadcasts tonight at 7pm Pacific time. Be sure to tune in!

4 Responses to “Seconds, anyone?”

  1. Daniel Thompson Says:

    This sounds like a great idea. I think I’ll send in a sample.

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  3. Scissor Shock Says:

    I think everyone’s going to buy a copy of this when it’s done..

  4. Sloppy Seconds Italian Disco Takeover Conspiracy! « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] a group takeover of the Sloppy Seconds compilation. In case you’re unfamiliar, Sloppy Seconds is the in-the-works comp from Obscurica Records constructed with individual one-second […]

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