“Forced Spring For Rising Tide”

From the Wall-era Pink Floyd-via-Edward Ruchalski opening, to its creased-velvet crackle and strum finish; Warm Climate’s “Forced Spring For Rising Tide” is the very definition of far-reaching. The duo, Seth Kasselman and Rune Freeman, push one another forward on the title track– sometimes to fine effect, but at other moments, more restraint might have been applied.

The title track provides the best example. Recorded at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations in California and Arizona, “Forced Spring For Rising Tide” has some serious layering going on, unless these two are mutant octopods. Whistling, shouting, bells, drums, chimes, and many other interesting sounds are allowed to mix in a very free manner– it is the obviousness of their not belonging together that actually makes it work– but a plodding, useless bassline anchors this beauty for almost twelve minutes. I kept wishing there was a fader I could grab. Thankfully, it makes a sudden disappearance (maybe someone noticed it?) allowing an unlikely mix of howls, squelchy feedback, guitar, and chimes to really take off.


The third track, “NASA March,” is quite fascinating. First appearing to linger around a brittle loop, it slowly transforms itself into something decidedly more dangerous. Just before vanishing entirely, a final “opening-up” is heard, with remarkably intense showers of emotion and noise.

What is easily most recommendable about this release is the sense of “own-ness” that Kasselman and Freeman bring to the recording. Although I have not had the opportunity to hear other Warm Climate releases at this time, I suspect the individuality present here is also recognizable in some form there. It’s not a perfect album, but the few missteps are ones made by taking bold chances, not from treading too lightly.

My copy of the album has somewhat odd text CD text (it comes up as “Seth Reburn”, and credits the first track to “Seht”, perhaps a concept for future remixes), but is otherwise a very professional affair. I’d always love to see more liner notes, but the gorgeous artwork throughout from Cristopher Cichocki more than makes up for my music-geek needs. Currently, “Forced Spring For Rising Tide” and Warm Spring’s concurrent release “Agnomen 1” are available directly from Kasselman, at his website.

4 Responses to ““Forced Spring For Rising Tide””

  1. alaska Says:

    That album cover is hot!

  2. startlingmoniker Says:

    Yes, all the photography for this album is top-notch.

  3. Candy Laukman Says:

    The colors and coordination are exceptional

  4. Warm Climate - “Mangler Redbeard” « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] another gem, taking the same sort of amazing musical leaps I loved so much in Warm Climate’s “Forced Spring For Rising Tide,” but in completely different directions. Field recordings, church bells, and a dissonant wind […]

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