DJ Mo’s “It’s Too Damn Early” experience

I had fun at the radio station. It was fun because I got to speak on the air, and I also took lots of pictures. I took pictures with lots of colors because I like rainbows. Me and my dad put cool music on. I talked about the music, and also said if I liked it. My favorite song was “Strings” because it has a violin! Violins are cool to me. My dad says that I am a DJ, but I am not. I still had fun though!


 The radio show was at night, so I had to go to bed early, very early. Before I went there, I had breakfast. It was a banana. I also had lemonade. It was good. We had a blast!

Dad called me Mo because it is my nickname. My dad took pictures of me and his self. My dad seemed happy today, and I am too. I had to sleep for eight hours instead of twelve. My dad had to put brother to sleep, so my dad only had two hours of sleep, but it really doesn’t matter. My dad didn’t get breakfast, but he had a Coke when we were there. My dad had two Cokes actually! I had one lemonade. That’s okay, I mean, it’s not a big deal!

Anyway, we played lots and lots of CDs. More than ten! The CDs were good, but usually nobody was singing, there were just instruments playing. There were two mics so my dad had one, and even me. My dad sure did have a lot of friends there.

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  1. startlingmoniker Says:

    For more about this show, and one of DJ Mo’s own photos, click the next entry! Or click the STARTLING MONIKER masthead for the most current music reviews, and artist interviews. For more information about “It’s Too Damn Early’s” experimental broadcasts, visit our homepage.

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