Oddmusic Community Forum opens!

Are you interested in strange sounds? Do you ever have an idea for a weird new musical instrument? Have you been toiling on the fringes of the aural spectrum and need a place to relax? Well– it might be a good time to check out the new Oddmusic Community Forum.


The forums are a great place to exchange instrument construction techniques, bounce ideas off other unique minds, and share your love of sound with others. Although the new forums have only been up for a couple days, the “Oddmusic” group has been around for about 10 years, with a dedicated group of helpful members I’ve been delighted to know.

John, the “Oddministrator” of the forums, quotes the original OddMuse founder Dr. Guy Grant in his introductory post– “After hanging around with the likes of me, you will never again be able to look at another object without wondering, at least once, what you can do to make music with it.”

Do yourself a favor, and go check it out now.

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