“Searching for My Recording Engineer”

Through the four lengthy tracks comprising Public Eyesore Records release “Searching for My Recording Engineer”, Yoko Sato manages to wring nearly every possible sound out of an electric guitar, with the occasionally odd vocal yelp turning the instrumental solo into something like an instrumental duet. Generally, it seemed to me that the actual setup of the guitar, amp, and mic varied little throughout the recording; so a studio-as-instrument album this ain’t.


However, the work Sato does with the limited setup she seems to have allowed herself (through laziness or purpose, I cannot tell) is incredibly deep. Physically, this feels like watching someone squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of a tube, or the end bit of ketchup from a packet— a real exploration of the instrument’s possibilites at a particular moment. While even those wanting at least a shred of basic song structure will be disappointed, those desirous to an artist truly experimenting (in the rawest sense of the word) will find much of interest here. Recommended only for those with active ears. Casual listeners, beware!

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