“Jeu de Temps” 2006 Top 5

It’s that time of year again! No, not Thanksgiving… it’s the time when the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s “Jeu de Temps/Times Play (JTTP) winners are announced. The JTTP, for those just waking up to the world of electroacoustic music, is an internationally-regarded competition of young and emerging Canadian composers and sound artists. The winners not only receive monetary awards, but more importantly; have their music delivered to the world via concerts and a highly-esteemed yearly compact disc series, “Cache.”

Although the “Cache 2006” disc is not yet ready, a handful of participating radio stations worldwide have been offered the opportunity to broadcast the top-five placing entries. I am pleased and honored to say that I have been able to play a small part in broadcasting the JTTP winners since 2001, currently through my experimental radio program “It’s Too Damn Early” at WDBX-FM.

This year’s winning entries are tremendously exciting. Priscille Gendron, a returning student at the University of Montreal, placed first with “Camille;” which examines the “forest” of possibilities contained within every choice we make. Raphael Neron, a second-year electroacoustic composition student, used children’s vocal sounds to create “Toons,” where invented creatures encounter one another in a variety of comic manners.

However, it is fourth place winner Stefan Kozminchuk’s entry “The Mind is the Voice” that  has impressed me most. Utilising extracts of William Blake’s  “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” Kozminchuk reminds me of the confrontational, opinionated style of Ilhan Mimarolglu. For listeners, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of taking the time to check out the “Cache” series of recordings– getting in on the “ground floor” with an artist, often at a unique, opportune period of their life.

I will be broadcasting the top five entries on my upcoming broadcast. You may see my radio website for broadcast times. I hope you can join me!

One Response to ““Jeu de Temps” 2006 Top 5”

  1. stefan Says:

    thanks for the kind words on my composition… it was a real challenge for me..

    have a good day,

    stefan kozminchuk

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