Improvised music at “It’s Too Damn Early”

This week’s show was an improvisational session with guest Tony Youngblood. Years back, we hosted an hour-long improvisational radio program together. With the exeception of a very few tracks, almost everything in this week’s playlist was mixed, layered, looped, and used to create a greater “whole.” I provided siren whistles, traditional whistling, no-input mixing board, cassette loops, tambourine, and balloon. Tony contributed acoustic guitar, loops, percussion, slide whistle, tambourine, and music box. We made a great mess, had quite a bit of fun, and got the whole thing recorded. The following files are sound clips from portions of the show. I will do my best to describe what was happening for each:

Sound clip one: This is from the beginning of our improvisation. Sources include Phill Niblock’s “Held Tones” from “YPGPN”, various percussion, my no-input mixing board setup, and amplifier hum.

Sound clip two: Underneath the looping harmonics and plectrum sounds of Tony’s guitar, there are sounds of balloon rubbing, no-input mixing board, and possibly a cassette loop of small humming noises.

Sound clip three: Ian Yeager’s “Music for Guitar and Computer” mixed with Yuko Nexus6’s “Le chanson de l’adieu”, from the “Yuko Nexus6 Songbook” album. I enjoy blending things in this manner during many of my broadcasts.

Sound clip four: Tony’s looping guitar figures play off of rhythmic patterns created by selectively fading Tom Johnson’s “The Chord Catalog” in and out. The chords you hear are taken from the 715 nine-note chords, not a single one of which repeats.

Sound clip five: Sampled elements from the video of “1984” provided a few years back by the Big City Orchestra are layered with OiMa’s “My Wonderful Has a Laugh”, and Roland Kirk’s “Saxophone Concerto.” Also present is Neil Rolnick’s “Gate Beats” from the Shadow Quartet album.

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