Call for submissions!

As you may or may not know, it is my New Year’s tradition to broadcast the most futuristic experimental music I can get my hands on. I also generally become angry about the distinct lack of jet-packs, meals in
pill form, and undersea glass bubble homes.


Anyhow, I am issuing this CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to all artists in order to insure an excellent supply of hyper-futuristic experimental music. I am looking for sounds that suggest the glorious possibilities of what our future can hold– although I may be otherwise throughout the year, I try to be hopeful and positive for the New Year’s broadcast. In other words, dystopian sounds need not apply.

Because of the nature of this broadcast, I will put no other constraints on your submission. I only ask that you use you imagination to its fullest– the best submissions will be those with no grounding in history, that sound as if they have literally arrived from a future time. Please send your most forward-looking, futuristic sounds to:

WDBX c/o DaveX
“New Year’s Show Submission”
224 N. Washington St.
Carbondale IL 62901 USA

One Response to “Call for submissions!”

  1. philippe faujas Says:

    you might find something that will interest you.
    my last work as 08/12/2006 is Kiln, the one on the top.
    Feel free to use and comment/critic. (if you think of using some of my work, just let me know).


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